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Participate in doctoral research on pilot decision-making

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Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor

I'm a doctoral student and a 40 year pilot, doing research on pilot decision-making. My research is centered on pilot decision-making based on the pilots' perspectives. There are thousands of quantitative studies with a backward looking perspective, but there are no qualitative studies that examine pilot decision-making from the pilots' perspective. This is the first research of its kind -- a grounded theory study. Given my vast experience as a commercial and military pilot (17,000 hours) I'm hoping to be able to speak confidentially with pilots about their decisions on the flight deck during simulator check rides.

My dissertation committee and the institutional review board have both approved my study design. I need pilot volunteers who are currently qualified in type and seat, who have failed a similator proficiency check-ride, who are willing to be confidentially interviewed for research on pilot decision-making on the flight deck based on the erring pilot's perspective. 

Neither the FAA nor the NTSB have generated a grounded theory qualitative analysis on pilot decision-making...this is the first study of its kind. Please consider participating in this study. Will you participate? Please consider the request. 

Respectfully, Gary Boettcher PhD Candidate manageconflict@me.com or PhDpilotstudy@conflictcounts.com 540-668-6146 (NW Washington DC)

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  1. Ale on Jun 04, 2013


    You can use this website to conduct your research. I thinks most of the pilots visiting this website will be happy to answer all your research inquires.

    I wish your research papers will answer this question. Why the FAA requires all pilots giving instructions to other pilots to hold CFI certificate except for those pilots who train other pilots under airlines operation (part 121 and 135). please read some of my post regarding this issue.

    I think the FAA should requires from all pilots giving instructions to other pilots to pass the fundamental of instruction at the least. I don’t see how someone teaches someone else advanced knowledge and skills without acquiring the basics knowledge in teaching.

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