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3 Answers

IFR approach

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What are the differences between:

1.“Cleared I-L-S Runway 36 Approach, glideslope unusable.”

2. “Cleared LOC Runway 36 Approach.”

3 Answers

  1. Chris Johnson on May 29, 2013

    For you to be cleared for a LOC 36 approach, there would have to be an approach chart specifically for a localizer approach (i.e. “LOC 36″). If the approach chart is “ILS 36″ and you’re flying it without the glideslope, then the correct clearance is for the ILS 36, glideslope unusable, since you’re using the ILS 36 approach chart.

    Procedurally they might amount to the same thing, but you can’t be cleared for a localizer approach unless there’s a specific chart for a localizer approach.

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  2. John D. Collins on May 29, 2013

    The standard name for an approach that has both an ILS with GS and a Localizer option was just ILS, example: “ILS RWY 36″. Such approaches have been renamed using the new standard, example “ILS or LOC RWY 36″. Most have been updated and the rest will be updated over time as the approach is republished. The latest guidance provided to controllers is that when the name of the approach is ILS or LOC RWY 36, and the GS is out of service, use the phraseology for example “Cleared LOC Runway 36 Approach.” In the case of the approaches that have yet to have their names updated, when the GS is out of service, the controller is supposed to clear the aircraft “Cleared I-L-S Runway 36 Approach, glideslope unusable”.

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  3. Ale on May 31, 2013

    Chris + John,

    Thank you 4 answering my question.

    Good pilots are always learning and great pilots are always sharing their knowledge.

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