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4 Answers

a cheap and quick 75 hours??

Asked by: 2559 views General Aviation

Hey guys... looking for some advise... I am at 90hours, working on my IFR I have about 20 more hours XC time and 15 hood to meet the reqs for that and my plan was to go full time straight through for 2 months and try to finish that and the CPL.  Is there any forum or place I can go to find someone in the same boat as me where I could travel somewhere for 2 weeks and maybe just share cost and do 75 hours XC with someone on an intensive basis so i can get the cost down and out of the way then go to a school to be with an instructor to do the hood time for approaches than manuevers and multi-engine stuff to wrap up my CPL?  I would be willing to go anywhere in the US assuming weather would be okay for a few weeks to smash it all out real quick... any advise would be appreciated.

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4 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on May 10, 2013

    Not sure what your exact question is concerning cost sharing.

    If you believe that you and another pilot can make a cross country flight, with one acting as safety pilot for the other who would be under the hood, and as a result both pilots would log cross country PIC, that is a mistaken assumption.

    See the Gebhart legal interpretation at:


    and the Hilliard interpretationt ad:


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  2. Kev Hughes on May 10, 2013

    Kris… I am trying to find someone who has 2 weeks essentially to dedicate to just doing XC flying… I don’t need anymore hoodtime.. I just want to get my hours up quickly and I don’t want to be putting in 6 or 8 hour days flying alone..

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  3. lo_fly on May 10, 2013

    Long Beach, CA
    Weather: sunny 9 days out of 10
    C-152 (5 available) @ 81.17 $/h, C-172 or PA-28 (9 available) @ 107.91 $/h, fuel included.


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  4. Kris Kortokrax on May 10, 2013


    I only mentioned the safety pilot aspect because that is a faulty method people try to use to enable two pilots to log PIC cross country from the same flight.

    You mentioned cost sharing in connection with obtaining 75 hours of XC time. I don’t know of a way where you could gain 75 hours of PIC XC time by sharing costs with someone “in the same boat” as you. You could pay for 75 hours of flying and have another pilot ride with you for company and he could pay for another 75 hours of flying and have you ride with him for company. The two of you could not both log 75 hours of PIC XC time if only 75 hours total are flown and paid for in the airplane.

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