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7 Answers

Full time to finish commercial…ideas for location/time

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hey guys...

So I have finished up my PPL and IFR... I have to double check my logbook but I have about 125hrs all done.  So half way there, so I am planning to just take the time off, leave my city and go somewhere and smash out fulltime the final part to finish my commercial as I have a SIC job lined up for when I finish up my commercial single/multi.  I am thinking I should be able to get it all done in about 8 weeks if I have good weather and I can get a plane but you guys have any ideas of where would be a good and cheap place to go where I can get all that done?  I was thinking maybe Cali, should have pretty good weather for June/July and I can go get it all done quickly.  Please any feedback on ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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7 Answers

  1. George on Apr 15, 2013


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  2. Kev Hughes on Apr 15, 2013

    George… that only works if i have the hours, I still have 130hours to go more or less.

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  3. Matthew Waugh on Apr 16, 2013

    I believe the big places for full-time flight training are Florida and Arizona. I suspect California (assuming that’s what Cali stands for) is expensive, even if the weather is good.

    So you could start calling flight schools in those areas and start negotiating rates – if you’re going to put 130 hours on a plane in a couple of months most places would cut you a discount I’d think. HOWEVER – you’re going to have living expenses. Soooooo – why can’t you do it where you live? You have an IFR ticket, so you don’t need clear VFR, you presumably know the local FBOs, so you should be able to cut a pricing deal, and you’re probably already checked out (no instructor cost there).

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  4. Kev Hughes on Apr 16, 2013

    Ya I am an American but I am currently not living in the US, that is why… I was thinking California because in June/July I may melt in AZ… for example April and May in NV is the super windy season, and generally several days of gusting 40 and I don’t really like taking tiny cesnas up for maneuvers with winds like that. SO I guess I will start calling around to schools and see if I can find a deal.

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  5. lo_fly on Apr 17, 2013

    Long Beach, CA.

    115 hours C-152 (81.17$/h) in shared time = 4667$ (Hour building to get to 240 hours TT)

    10 hours C-172RG (139.65 $/h fuel included) + Instructor + exams = ~3800$ (CPL single)

    8 hours PA-44 (241.74 $/h) + instructor + exams = ~3300$ (Multi add-on)

    June/July weather: sun every day.


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  6. lo_fly on Apr 17, 2013

    all the prices mentioned above have fuel included, pay as you fly, KLGB has no landing fees.

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  7. Bob Watson on Apr 18, 2013

    I did a multi add-on in SoCal and it’s a good place weather-wise. Some things to think about, however, are:

    — some flight schools have very full schedules so if you get bumped due to weather or maintenance, it can be hard to reschedule, which means there could be days you don’t fly

    — SoCal is a very, very busy place to fly, so expect some dual instruction to get to know the area before you launch solo (but after this training and experience, you’ll feel comfortable flying in just about any environment).

    If you have the chance and are just looking to kill time (build hours), you might ask about 50-hr blocks where (after you’re checked out by the flight school) you take the plane out for a cross-country that takes you across the country. Go out and see some sights! That beats the heck out of doing a million touch-and-goes or just airport hopping around a given area. You’ll get to know different geographies, weather patterns, airport “personalities,” and gain lots of experience that will help you after you get your CPL. You could break a 50-hr block into 10 days of 5-hr cross country trips and see a lot of the country.

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