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2 Answers

IFR- Obstacle Departure Procedure

Asked by: 1862 views Airspace, FAA Regulations

Regarding the GRZLY TWO DEPARTURE (KMSO) Missoula, Montana, I am interested to get clarity with the climb in visual option.

NOTE: The “standard” option instructions are quite clear in my opinion.

Runway 11: Cross MSO VOR southeast bound at or above 5800 southeast bound------Does this mean to fly directly over (“cross”)the VOR at or above 5800 as soon as partible after takeoff ? . It seems that flying over the VOR immediately after takeoff would be extremely difficult due to the very close proximity of the VOR to the runway.

The southeast bound reference is vague. Does TERPS mean southeast bound on the 155 radial or a general southeasterly heading ?  However, the 155 radial reference is clear for the “standard” departure criteria (….intercept MSO R- 155…….).

Runway 29: Same as above for runway 29 departure.

NOTE: Also, the field elevation is 3206 MSL. In a normally aspirated piston single, climbing to 5800 will take some time if expected to cross VOR quickly.

In the spirit of learning, please let me know your thoughts.



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2 Answers

  1. Ron Klutts on Apr 08, 2013

    Look at the graphic as it doesn’t depict flying over the VOR immediately after takeoff, as both the graphic and description make it clear to fly HDG 185º to intercept the 155º radial to 7800′, then a teardrop back inbound on the 155º radial. Enter the holding pattern to continue climbing to MEA/MCA required for route of flight.

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  2. Dan Chitty on Apr 09, 2013

    I agree that the graphic does not depict flying over the VOR.

    The graphic though does show flying 185 degrees but the instructions for the climb in visual option say to fly southeast bound. A heading of 185 degrees is not southeast bound and 185 degrees is not stated in the climb in visual instructions. Yet once intercepting the 155 degree radial you are flying southeast bound.

    However, the standard option specifically states the 185 degree reference and the graphic supports this.

    Also, climb in visual option says to climb to 5800 southeast bound. Then to continue climb to 7800 once established on the 155 radial.

    My confusion is caused by the wording in the climb in visual option. The verbage before “thence” in the climb in visual option is what I find confusion. The verbage after “thence” in the climb in visual option I understand.

    Thank you for the feedback as I am trying to further my understanding of ODPs.

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