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Lost Logbook Military Training

Asked by: 1873 views Student Pilot


     First I would like to take the time to say thank you for looking at my questions.  First a little back story of what the question is pertaining to.  I am in the Air Force and am going throug URT (Undergraduate Remote Pilot Traning).  This requried me to go up to Pueblo, CO for flight training through DOSS Aviation where I received around 39 hours of instruction.  I have unfortunaly lost my logbook since then (that was about a year a go) because we are not able to continue the persute of a new certificate while we are completing our training.  I have some documentation from the military of the hours, but here are no signiature that were required on those documents from the instructors up at DOSS (the CFI’s).  I know I will require some repetative instruction on some things since it has been awhile since I’ve flown, but I am trying to determine how to legaly regain those 39 hours so I do not have to repeat all of them.  I have done some research and found a section in the FAR in part 61.73 that pertains to rated pilots in the military but fear that this does not pertaining to me because of the nature of what I will become rated in.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

     Thank you,

     Brandon Fowler

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2 Answers

  1. ccwebb on Apr 08, 2013

    61.41 “Military pilots or former military pilots: Special rules”.

    Yes you can count your military hours towards a civilian certificate. The burden of proof falls on you for its authenticity. (Hence, why you sign each page.)

    You will need to obtain your Military Training Records, (Form 8 I believe?) and include that in your logbook, I suggest permanently. Then you can transfer the hours over.

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  2. Bob Watson on Apr 09, 2013

    I hope you’re able to reconstruct your log book; however, in the worst-case scenario and you can’t, all is not lost. Even if you can’t find it in a logbook, you still received the training so you still learned it. Assuming you didn’t pick up any bad habits, you should be able to find a part-141 school and breeze through it in the minimum hours because you’ll already know most of what they’re teaching you.

    If you do find it, you’ll still need to demonstrate proficiency in all the required elements, so, after a year, you might still need the minimum 35-40 hours of flight training required to get your PPL.

    Bottom line, finding it might not save you much money, towards getting your PPL. What will save you money is the fact that you’ve learned the material once before.

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