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4 Answers

“Procedure NA”

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What does "procedure NA for arrivals at IRQ Vortac on airway radials 062 CW 154" indicate? I have seen this on several other approach plates as well. The example above is from Aiken, SC (KAIK) VOR/DME-A.

What is the procedure when flying to the IRQ VOR on the NA radials and wanting to use the VOR/DME-A approach?






4 Answers

  1. Mark Kolber on Mar 31, 2013

    It indicates that the procedure is not available when arriving at the VOR from the indicated direction. Approach procedure design criteria has limitations on how big a turn is permitted in a procedure.

    >>What is the procedure when flying to the IRQ VOR on the NA radials and wanting to use the VOR/DME-A approach?<<

    If you really want to use this procedure and no other, you would ask ATC either for vectors or a clearance that would bring you around the long way so you weren't arriving at IRQ from the east on a radial between 062 and 154.

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  2. John D. Collins on Apr 01, 2013

    The note only applies if you are using “AIRWAYS” to navigate to IRQ that fall along the CW arc between the 062 and the 154 radials, that is why the note includes the term “on airway radials”. The airways affected are V155 southwest bound to IRQ, V18 west north west bound to IRQ, V417 north west bound to IRQ, and V185 north north west bound to IRQ. If you are using a random route to IRQ, but not along the airways, the note does not apply. The note also does not apply if you are being radar vectored.

    The US enroute navigation is premised on the use of airways. The TERPS have defined a maximum angle of turn permitted on procedures.

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  3. Dan Chitty on Apr 02, 2013

    Thank you John and Mark for the explanations.

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  4. Mac T on Aug 05, 2017

    Awesome Info. My IP wants me to plan something like this for an eval, so can I still file a flight plan with this on it? In other words, would I be allowed to hinge my plan on the availability of vectors?

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