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torque tendency

Asked by: 1632 views Aerodynamics

at high power setting, torque evidently occurs such as take off.

how about low power setting such as slow flight or before reaching stall demonstration?

we usually use right rudder in that situation(slow flight or stall)..

is torque definately intensified in slow flight too?

shouldn't it phenomenon be adverse between high power and low power setting?


1 Answers

  1. Pete Kemble on Mar 26, 2013

    Don’t forget the other left turning tendencies. With low (landing / approach stalls), or lower (slow flight) power settings, slipstream and p-factor will still play a part. When I have new students learning to land, particularly in the Tomahawk, we more often than not end up going to the left during the last part of the flare due mostly to slipstream and some p-factor. The same will occur during a power off stall – very similar maneuver as landing, right?

    As far as reversing the left turning due to torque, unless the engine starts running backwards, that won’t happen. However, don’t forget another left turning tendency: gyroscopic procession. If you get the nose high enough in a stall, and let it drop, you’ll see the nose travel left. I.e. loading up, or pushing forward on the top of the propeller and having the resultant force take place 90 degrees in the plane of rotation (the right side of the propeller’s rotation “disc”. To get a *right* turning tendency, you could sharply pull back (accelerated stall?) on the yoke to load up the bottom of the prop and have the resultant force on the left side, pulling the nose to the right.

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