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ATC Tower Closures

Asked by: 1217 views Airspace, FAA Regulations, General Aviation

There are a bunch of airports in my local area that are set for ATC Tower closures beginning next month. Seeing as there has been no guidance from the FAA on the matter, I was wondering if anyone here knew how the airspace rules for these airports will change as a result?

I assume the airports in question (which in my area are all in Class D airspace) will revert to Class G airspace from the surface up to 700 AGL (or 1200 AGL) once the closures begin (same as what happens every night when the tower closes for the evening). Any thoughts on this?

Can we expect to see new charts, A/FD, etc. to reflect these airspace/airport changes?




1 Answers

  1. Bill Trussell on Mar 19, 2013

    As usual, check notams first as it will take some time for any and all chart updates to make their way to us.

    As you know, some of the airports that are subject to closures of their ATCT are part time now. The rules will likely remain as they are for operations during those hours that the tower is not staffed. The CTAF will likely remain the same, that being the tower frequency.

    Please note that as of today there was a proposal in Congress to fund the contract tower program outside of sequestration so more empasis should be placed on checking for current notams before flying to any controlled field that might be subject to these changes.

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