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Stall during landing flare..

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i am wondering why stall not happens during flare although i feel like it is at the critical AOA..

we used to pull up yoke as high as at second or third flare in normal landing until we hear stall warning horn.

isn't that not much dangerous?

if it isn't dangerous ,,is it because of the ground effect?

could somebody give me an explanation in detail?

3 Answers

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    Jim F. on Mar 15, 2013

    Sometimes you do stall during flare, other times you don’t. It’s not dangerous because you should only be a couple inches off the ground when you stall, so the aircraft will just settle down on to the runway. If you’re more than a few inches off the surface, then a full-stall flare would not be good, as it will be rough, and even possible damage the landing gear and aircraft structure if you’re too high.

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  2. Namugoni on Mar 16, 2013

    thank you for your hep sir!

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  3. jacob conell on Mar 17, 2013

    An example as to why you need to keep one hand on the throttle. On a very windy day recently I was in the flair about a foot or two off the ground when a strong gust lifted me up to about 10-15ft. The stall horn was blaring and airspeed depleting. I added a bit of power and was able to set it down gently.

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