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If an airplane continues to fly on a magnetic heading of 035  what magnetic bearing FROM the station would be intercepted at a 35 degree angle outbound?  Figure 18  Shows Tail of Needle on 130 and head of needle is 310.  


A.  035 degrees

B.  070 degrees

C.  215 degrees


I understand that we are currently on the 165 MB FROM the station but how do we know that we will cross the 070 MB at a 35 degree angle?  Is it the Isosocles Triangle Theory from Geometry?  Two angles of a Triangle equal each other?     

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1 Answers

  1. Lucas on Mar 09, 2013

    Sorry for the delay but i was struck with strep throat for a week and could not make the audio for the presentation here is a simple video explanation to the question


    Cheers Lucas

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