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4 Answers

Transfer from 61 to 141 program

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FAA Regulations, Instrument Rating, Private Pilot, Student Pilot

I'm currently working with my Private License in US under part 61. I'm planning to do my instrument and commercial program under part 141. Is it possible to transfer from 61 to 141. Also the minimum requirements changes in part 61 and 141, can I credit all my part 61 hours for the requirement for the 141 program? 

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4 Answers

  1. Capt.Rheza on Feb 28, 2013

    As my understanding if you have your ppl, you don’t need to worried, unless you are in progress of getting the license and you want to move. Than the far part 141.77 may apply to your case..which is only can credited your experience not more than 25% of your total experience and knowledge.
    Good luck

    Indonesia CFI

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  2. Dave M on Mar 01, 2013

    If you complete your private license and start your instrument rating (141) “fresh”, your previous hours will not count for anything. This is because 141 is structured and you must do each lesson in order and each flight must be at least the length outlined in the Training Course Outline.

    If you started a rating at one 141 school and then transfer to another in the middle of training, the new school can give you up to half-credit for your previous training.


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  3. Kris Kortokrax on Mar 01, 2013

    The use of the word transfer is problematic. If by “transfer” you mean that you will complete your private training under Part 61 and pass the practical test, and then enroll in a Part 141 school to acquire an Instrument rating, this is not a “transfer”.

    A “transfer” would be if you began your Private training at a 141 school or a Part 61 school and desire to finish at another Part 141 school. In this case, per 141.77, after testing you may receive up to 50% credit for previous 141 training. You may receive up to 25% credit for previous Part 61 training.

    If you possess a Private pilot certificate and wish to enroll in a Part 141 Instrument course, you meet the enrollment requirement (Private pilot certificate). Appendix C of Part 141 requires 35 hours of instrument training. There would be no need for you to try to receive credit for your Private training. There is no total time requirement to complete the 141 course and you will receive the 35 hours of instrument training during the 141 course.

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  4. Taisir Dabaibeh on Nov 26, 2015

    I believe there is a misunderstanding of the 50 % and 25% credit ,it is not about your previous training but in fact for the requirements of the curriculum.

    (c) A student may be given credit towards the curriculum requirements of a course for previous training under the following conditions:
    (1) If the student completed a proficiency test and knowledge test that was conducted by the receiving pilot school and the previous training was based on a part 141- or a part 142-approved flight training course, the credit is limited to not more than 50 percent of the flight training requirements of the curriculum.

    For example;
    If your previous experience shows 50 hours in part 61 for PPL training and you need to transfer now to other school ,let’s say 61 ,they will credit only 10 hours (which is 25% of the required 40 hours).
    If your previous school was Part 141 school, only 17.5 hrs will be credited(50% of 35 hrs)

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