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2 Answers

Time Outbound before making Procedure Turn

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I've been working as a flight instructor at Phoenix East Aviation based in KDAB for 5 months now. And I have had a couple of questions when it comes to performing the procedure turn as it is depicted on the VOR17 KOMN.


Now on this Non-precision Terminal Approach I teach my students (assuming that we are flying the full approach) to Track the R341 outbound after passing the VOR(IAF) , for about 3 mins as a rule of thumb. before making the left turn to a heading of 296 for another 1 min. After that to make another Left turn to a heading of 116 to track the inbound course of 161.

On the profile view it says to Remain within 10NM of the primary NAVAID (OMN VOR) also as described on the AIM.

The issue is that sometimes that 3 mins doesn't allow for enough time to get established inbound after the procedure turn and to have adequate time to descend to the MDA. I'm thinking that a right turn to a heading of 116 on the procedure turn might fix that but interested to hear everyones opinion on this one?


Thanks in advance!

Mouhcine Souabni

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2 Answers

  1. Wes Beard on Feb 19, 2013

    You need yo make a right hand turn to a heading of 116. Jepp plates easily depicts this while NACO charts aren’t as easy to identify.

    As long as you stay on the protected side of the procedure and within ten miles it doesn’t really matter. Turning right will give you more time on final to descend 1000 feet.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Feb 20, 2013

    The “rule” on these is simple. Make the course reversal on the side of the barb and stay within stated distance limitations. Beyond that, it’s up to you.

    I have seen three types of turns done here:

    (1) outbound on the R-341 for 1 minute with the 180 from 296 °to 116° being to the right.
    (2) outbound on the R-341 for 2 minutes with the 180 from 296 °to 116° being to the right.
    (3) (the one you describe) outbound on the R-341 for 3 minutes 180 from 296 °to 116° being to the left.

    I have seen #1 and #2 done far more often than #3. I personally have a preference for #2 or #1 to give more time to get aligned.

    Other than that, this is in the area of technique and consistency in the technique one uses is the single most important factor I can think of. Choosing between #1 and #2 is easy – wind conditions may lead a pilot to extending the outbound an extra minute. But I can see a definite lead-in to confusion in making the turns sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right.

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