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Final approach speed and it’s relationship to stall speed?

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The Final Approach speed should be how much % greater than the stall speed in the landing Configuration? And where can I find the info to answer my q?uestion

1 Answers

  1. Mark Kolber on Jan 29, 2013

    Have you looked at the Chapter 8 (“Approach and Landing”) in the FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook?

    After aligning the airplane with the runway centerline, the final flap setting should be completed and the pitch attitude adjusted as required for the desired rate of descent. Slight adjustments in pitch and power may be necessary to maintain the descent attitude and the desired approach airspeed. In the absence of the manufacturer’s recommended airspeed, a speed equal to 1.3 VSO should be used. If VSO is 60 knots, the speed should be 78 knots. When the pitch attitude and airspeed have been stabilized, the airplane should be retrimmed to relieve the pressures being held on the controls.

    If you try to run the calculations yourself to see if the POH for your airplane fits, be aware that the calculation is based on calibrate airspeed, not indicated airspeed. So your calculation will be to look at the stall speed in CAS, multiply that by 1.3 and then look at the calibration table to come up with the IAS.

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