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3 Answers

ASA headset and headset questions

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In flight training for the PPL is it a requirement to use the DC or ASA headsets. Also has anyone used the ASA HS-1 headset, what are your reviews. Is it a good headset?

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3 Answers

  1. Gary Moore on Jan 28, 2013

    A quick search of this forum would net you alot of conversation about headsets. There is no ‘requirement’ to use a headset – though I can’t imagine you’d try it and not like it 🙂

    I’m a fan of the David Clark’s….but there are lots of great options out there….

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  2. Mark Fischer on Jun 11, 2013

    I’m a little late responding to this question, but I’ll add my two cents for those who may still be interested.

    As a background, I am a very active pilot who flew 400 hours last year. All using the HS-1.

    I bought the ASA HS-1 headset ten years ago and have found them to be a good value for the money. When I first began flying I wanted an introductory priced headset not knowing what headset I would eventually want/need. I originallly bought cheap FlightComs but they broke soon after. Next I purchased the ASA and they have worked great.

    To be fair, I recently used a frends Lightspeed noise cancelling headset and found them to be lighter and more quiet than the ASA. But his headset also cost almost $800 more than the HS-1, so for the value, the ASA still wins.

    Also, about 5 years into use, one of the HS-1 headset wires broke. I called ASA and explained that I long since lost my warranty, but would they honor the free replacement offer. Instead of laughing they asked me to send the old ones to them and they returned to me a brand new headset – no questions asked. (I even got an improved model). Unrelated, they also replaced a broken E-6B a few years earlier, so ASA customer service and lifetime replacement has earned my eternal loyalty.

    Since original purchase I had to replace the original ear cups with gel cups once because the original cups eventually hardened and made flying painful. The new gel cups were perfect. (Advise. Dont go cheap and buy the foam. Gel is the way to go)

    I have since purchased two more HS-1s for guests but after 10 years of flying with ASA headsets its time to upgrade. Since ASA doesnt make a higher-end model I have to leave them for David Clark, Lightspeed or someone else. I still dont know which I’ll purchase. But if ASA had higher end products I would stick with them.

    I dont write to blogs often but the the ASA headset has served me well and the excellent customer service has prompted me to add my thoughts on the topic.

    Hope this helped.

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  3. Jeffrey A. Baylor on Feb 19, 2014

    I own and have used the ASA for years and thousands of hours. I can be very critical and it deserves my absolute thumbs up!!!

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