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Simulator (follow up question)

Asked by: 2149 views Instrument Rating


FAR 61.65(d) – to be eligible for an insrumnt rating you must have:

1. 50 hours of X-country, 10 of which in an airplane;

2. 40 hours of instument time, actual or simulated, of which 15 with an outhorized instructor of which 2 in the preceding 2 months from the exam;

3. a 250 n.m. X-country along air-routes or directed routing by ATC with 3 different approaches at 3 airports;

FAR 61.65(h) – max 10 hours in flight training device.

My question is did I understand right...  that the forty hour can be on simulator [FNTPII] or Aeroplane ?

Then whats meant by flight training device ?


3 Answers

  1. Donnie on Dec 31, 2012

    Perhaps the confusion here is with term simulated instrument time. That is NOT time in a simulator. That is simulated instrument conditions using a vision-limiting device. For most instrument rating students, they’ll have far less time in actual IMC than simulated IMC.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Dec 31, 2012

    That’s an excellent point Donnie.

    Under the regs, technically, “simulated instrument” can take place in flight (hooded) or using a device of some sort.

    But 61.65(h) limits the use of flight simulators and flight training devices to satisfy the 40-hour instrument time to 20 hours (outside of a Part 142 program).

    fathi – your question here is:

    My question is did I understand right… that the forty hour can be on simulator [FNTPII] or Aeroplane ?

    20 of the 40 hours can be in a simulator or a flight training device.

    Then whats meant by flight training device ?

    The FAA uses different categories to certify different kinds of devices (see 61.4). If you take a look at the definitions in FAR 1.1, you’ll see that both Full Flight Simulator (a full replica of a specific aircraft make and model with full motion simulation) and Flight Training Device (not necessarily full motion and not necessarily a replica of a specific make and model, although it might be) are defined. There are others as well, such as PCATDs, AATDs and BATDs. You’ll find specific reference to them is certain FARs.

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  3. fathi on Dec 31, 2012

    Thanks Mark, you make it clear like this, Also Donnie remove the confusion from That
    word [simulated].

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