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4 Answers

Logging as instruction time?

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I'll be going up on a modified city tour flight with an instructor and family. I have a PPL but it's a complex, high-performance aircraft which I've never flown. (hence the instructor) 

Is this loggable as instruction time? It's going to basically be a discovery flight but I have no intention of getting checked out in this aicraft or those endorsements at this time. 

Thank you

4 Answers

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    Bill Trussell on Dec 18, 2012


    Per 61.51 of the FARs

    “(h) Logging training time. (1) A person may log training time when that person receives training from an authorized instructor in an aircraft, flight simulator, or flight training device.

    (2) The training time must be logged in a logbook and must:

    (i) Be endorsed in a legible manner by the authorized instructor; and

    (ii) Include a description of the training given, the length of the training lesson, and the authorized instructor’s signature, certificate number, and certificate expiration date.

    I think the paragraph (ii) is the one in question here. What training you are to receive on the flight and if the instructor is in agreement to make the flight worthy of instruction time is key in this case.

    Suggest you discuss with your instructor prior to the flight to gain an understanding of the possible objectives and the instructors agreement to conduct the flight against those objectives. Any opportunity to gain some knowledge is good and is worthy of noting in your log book.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Dec 18, 2012

    It’s easy enough to justify instructional logging in this situation. It’s a new-to-you aircraft. It’s a complex aircraft that you’re not endorsed for. The CFI is bound to be giving you instruction on the timing of gear retraction on takeoff and gear extension on arrival. Unless this flight is billed as a sightseeing flight. If you are the one flying the airplane under these circumstances, it is most likely legitimate instruction, even if the goal is not a “checkout.”

    I’ve done these many times as both trainer and trainee.

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  3. Heather H on Dec 19, 2012

    Thank you for the replies, I’ll email the company and ask directly to be clear on the flight’s purpose.

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  4. Paul Pilipshen on Jan 31, 2013

    If it’s a “City Tour” like you said, he’s not giving you instruction and may not feel comfortable or feel he’s not being compensated enough to put his signature in your logbook. If he’s going to let you fly the airplane, you can log that time as PIC.

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