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Hello CFI.

I am a commercial multi instrument pilot. FAA. My current job is flying a Seneca 2. November aircraft in another country. I have a complex endorsement. My question is, the seneca is rated 200hp and the maximun oparating altitude is 25.000ft. Do i need a high altitude endorsement as well as high Performance? The Seneca POH says the engine can be rated at 210hp at 12500ft. But the FARS doesnt say what altitude should be considired as High performance airplane. That airplane has never been flown above 9500FT. Can i act as PIC?

My other question is, can a ATP pilot with an FAA certificate give training in High altitude operations and High perfomance? So i can get my endorsment recieving training from my captain?

Can i recieve an endorsement from a foreing CFI to be valid in my FAA license?


I have currently only recieve ground training in High altitude. And recieve a Endorsement from king school.

Do i still need to do the flight at 25.000ft?

Where can i recieve high altitute training in Florida state? I have 20 hours in 737 NG simulator? Does that count as High altitude?

Do you know what carries does the FAA uses for shipment of FAA license certificates out of the US? FEDEX? DHL? Ive been waiting almost two month for my certificate...cant track it

Thank you!

2 Answers

  1. Sam Dawson on Nov 14, 2012

    Your reference for this question is 61.31.
    Yes, you do need a high performance endorsement to act as PIC in the Senneca II. The FAA does not specify the altitude where the greater than 200 HP applies.
    You do not need a high altitude endorsement as it is not pressurized.

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  2. Wes Beard on Nov 14, 2012

    Sam is correct. As far as who can provide training for the high performance endorsement. Only a FAA certificated flight instructor can provide that training. It cannot be from a FAA certificated airline transport pilot or a foreign flight instructor.

    The only teaching an ATP only pilot can do is what is allowed under their Part 121 or 135 certificate.

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