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3 Answers

Training expiration times

Asked by: 1915 views Private Pilot

I completed 10 hours of training back in 1996 in Houston.  I recently found my pilot logbook with all the signatures.  Will those 10 hours still count toward my future pilot's license if I continue?  Is there an expiration of my flight times in 1996?


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3 Answers

  1. Ron Klutts on Nov 05, 2012

    Yes, it all counts. Whether or not it will shorten the training time is another matter, but training received never expires.

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  2. Jim F. on Nov 06, 2012

    As Ron said, they’re good for life. There are some exceptions, such as the final few hours before a check-ride are normally only accepted if they were completed within a couple of months of the test.

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  3. Louis Soule on Nov 07, 2012

    Thanks Ron. And thanks Jim. I appreciate both of your quick responses. I would have answered sooner, but I got waylayed by the presidental election. Your information is good news for me, and I anticipated the exceptions that both of you mentioned. With reasonable people, I anticipate reasonable outcomes. With your information, I can also now ask more informed questions of my certified instructors and then make decisions. The best news by far for me, however, is that the documentation is not expired. Yee haa! That cost me $1,000 back in 1996, and money has been the only thing preventing my final license.

    I trained on a taildragger. If I switch now to a tricycle landing gear (which is probable), what kind of complications will I encounter with the transfer of my previous experience? To me, it seems that experience on a taildragger is superior than that of a tricycle, only in the sense that tricycle people don’t know about lowering the elevators to get the tail off the ground during takeoff and then raising them finally to take off. All I have to do is forget the lowering part of the elevators and just remember the raising part, right?

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