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May a CFI do an IPC?

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FAA Regulations, Flight Instructor

14 CFR 195(d)(6) makes no mention of instrument rating in connection with an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC). 14 CFR 57(d)(2) makes mention of those permitted to provide IPCs, one of which is an “authorized instructor” in 57(d)(2)(iv). 14 CFR 61.1(b)(2) defines an authorized instructor as a Ground Instructor or a CFI, again with no mention of an instrument rating. There are plenty of instances where an instrument rating is explicitly required, 195(c), for example. Barring some unknown code, it appears a regular CFI is permitted to provide an IPC. Anyone able to clear the fog?

3 Answers

  1. Lucas on Oct 12, 2012

    Hi there.
    As you said the FARs are not really clear on the subject but if you look at the FAR 61 FAQs it is clearly stated that you need to be a CFII to conduct an IPC.

    For reference read the following:

    QUESTION: Is it true that a CFI giving an endorsement for an Instrument Proficiency Check must have an instrument rating (CFII) on his/her flight instructor certificate? I can’t seem to find anything in the current Part 61 that states that an Instrument Proficiency Check endorsement requires a CFII. The § 61.57(d)(2)(iv) requires an “authorized instructor”. The definition of “authorized instructor” now seems to come from § 61.193 (Flight Instructor Privileges) and § 61.195 (Flight Instructor Limitations). The only reference to a requirement for a CFII that I can find is in § 61.195(c).

    ANSWER: Ref. § 61.57(d)(2)(iv) and § 61.193; A flight instructor who performs an instrument proficiency check, as required by § 61.57(d), must hold the appropriate instrument rating for the category and class of aircraft that the instrument proficiency check is being conducted in. As per § 61.193, it states in pertinent part, “. . . A person who holds a flight instructor certificate is authorized within the limitations of that person’s flight instructor certificate and ratings to give training and endorsements that are required for, and relate to:
    * * * * *
    (f) An instrument rating;

    A flight instructor who does not hold an instrument rating on their flight instructor certificate that is appropriate to the category and class of aircraft that the instrument proficiency check is being conducted in is not authorized to conduct the instrument proficiency check.

    The term “authorized instructor” was intentionally used in § 61.57(d) because authorization to conduct an instrument proficiency check is not limited to a CFII. A Ground Instructor Certificate – Instrument Rating is also an “authorized instructor” and is authorized to give the instrument proficiency check in an approved flight training device. Also, a Part 142 training center instructor, who may or may not hold any certificate or ratings, can be an “authorized instructor” who may give the instrument proficiency check that is performed under an approved Part 142 training program in an approved flight simulator, in accordance with a Part 142 approved training program. Another example, a pilot who holds a Letter of Operational Authority (LOOA) may give the endorsements for the instrument proficiency check to a holder of a Letter of Authorization (LOA).) Holders of an LOOA give training for the endorsement for the Letter of Authorization (LOA) allowing a pilot to act as pilot in command in surplus military turbine or piston powered airplane, in accordance with FAA Order 8700.1, Chapter 32. However, in this case, the holder’s Letter of Operational Authority (LOOA) must specifically state this authority to give the endorsements for the instrument proficiency check. And so the rulemaking team that drafted the new Part 61 decided on merely stating . . . An authorized flight instructor . . .” But notice in § 61.57(d)(2)(v), we also included “. . . A person approved by the Administrator to conduct instrument practical tests.”


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  2. Scott Friend on Oct 16, 2012

    It seems that only a CFI-I can perform an IPC.

    The CFI-I does not need to be current unless the flight will be conducted under IFR. This means a IPC can be done in VMC with instructor provided approach/hold instructions. However in order to fly under IFR
    Instrument experience. Except as provided in paragraph (e) of this section, a person may act as pilot in command under IFR or weather conditions less than the minimums prescribed for VFR only if:…

    Best to go with a CFI-I that is Instrument current. Do you want a sign-off or do you want to be safe flying in the soup?

    This is a good guideline for an IPC that the FAA publishes.


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