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5 Answers

How would i know that i’m totally fit to be a pilot

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Hello everyone,

I'm 25 years old and working in IT dept. for airline company and i have good chance to study aviation. but my problem is that i'm thinking deeply in this and afraid that maybe i'm not fit to be a pilot.

Difficulty of studying, Working life, Problems that may be faced when you are pilot.. etc.

all these questions are important

i do love traveling and i don't have any problem to stand heavy load of work and study i really do like airport life

but still i have this fear that maybe when i become a pilot i'll discover somthing else something i don't like because i haven't been in the Captin place while flighing i don't know what problems they face ? is it very deffecault? i need information, advices, experiences,  so i can judge i don't want to do somthing i might regret.


i await your reply ,

thank you

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5 Answers

  1. Best Answer

    Hatim Fathi on Sep 07, 2012

    Hi Mish, I’m an airline pilot for 20 years, and first and foremost you have to love flying and airplanes. Because as a professional pilot you don’t really fly when ever or where ever you want. As a captan you are compleatly responsible for the airplane and the passengers, some times upto 450 humans at a time. You have to do a Midical examination every 6 months, and also a pilot test every 6 months, a line check every 1 year. Working with an airline means you have to fly whenever they need you to fly, that means you could have a flight that departs at midnight, fly for 8 hours ( some times up to 14 hours if it’s 4 pilots), and when you get to you destination they give you minimum rest, that’s about 12 hours or about twice your flight time, then you have to fly again, usually back to your home base. Your time at home is about 7 to 10 days a month, most of them you are resting from working so hard. You have to love flying.

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  2. Mish on Sep 07, 2012

    Captin Hatim, thank you for giving me this valuable information.
    since you are an expert in this, i need you to answer me some questions if posible:

    1- how would i know that i’m not gonna be afraid while flighing ? or it’s required (the fear) and i’ll get used to it !

    2 – how deffecult is it to study aviation ? i mean is it very .. very hard or it’s somthing you can manage by studying and foxing very well !

    3 – what would a Co-pilot do i mean after graduating from the school ?

    4 – What is the minimum number of pilots a plane requires ? i mean do you have someone to assisset you in case if you forget somthing?

    5 – How difficult the problems you faced as a pilot ( Technical Problems ).

    6 – you have mentioned that you have to do a pilot test every 6 months, does this test require study or experience !

    thank you for your help in advance.

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  3. Tom on Sep 07, 2012

    My advice for your first step, go take a flight lesson, that will determine your level of fear, you will see how every flight is flown using a checklist, so a pilot doesn’t forget important steps. After that first flight, you decide if you want to continue, and you will get all your answers.

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  4. Ethan on Dec 04, 2012

    Not to sound rude but, you seem to have trouble spelling even the simplest of words, now commonly I would attribute this to typos but you have made the same mistakes repeatedly. That being said, if you can’t even spell correctly what makes you believe you are fit to handle the lives of up to 450 people, as was previously mentioned?

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  5. Paul Tocknell on Dec 04, 2012

    Easy Ethan…his IP puts him squarely in Saudi Arabia and if I had to comment on a blog in Arabic, I bet I would make a couple of mistakes as well. Judging someone’s flying and decision making skills solely on their ability to capitalize and spell words in a second language seems a little bit overcritical to me.

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