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4 Answers

Logging instrument instruction as a CFII

Asked by: 4451 views Commercial Pilot, FAA Regulations, Flight Instructor, General Aviation, Instrument Rating

Im a CFII, and wanted to see what time I could log as instrument instruction.  If Im typed in an aircraft, and my first officer is not, can I log the hours we fly together as instrument instruction?  He is working towards his type rating, thus the reason I ask.  I dont believe he needs to be under the hood, thoughts?  I cant find an answer to this anywhere...

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4 Answers

  1. Mike M. on Jul 27, 2012


    Your question is a loaded one. Reason being, is that there are some conditions for part 91 and part 135 operations. I can clear that up for you if you tell me what you are flying and under which operation, 135 or 91. I am assuming that the aircraft requires a type rating because it has a 12,500 lb takeoff weight. A contributing factor to answering your question will be whether or not you are flying an aircraft that is type rated for a single pilot or two pilot operation.

    As for you logging instrument flight time as an instructor…yes you can. FAR 61.51e 3 “An authorized instructor may log as pilot-in-command time all of the flight time while acting as an authorized instructor.” Only one person at a time can log PIC time, unless the acting PIC is also a current Authorized Flight Instructor giving instruction.

    In a two pilot operation, the SIC is operating the aircraft at some level even when the PIC (or the autopilot) is flying. It is proper and legal for BOTH pilots to log instrument time for all time spent operating the aircraft in actual or simulated instrument conditions, regardless of who is actually manipulating the controls. However it is not proper to log and instrument approach unless the person logging the approach also performs the approach.

    Hope this helps..

    Mike M.

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  2. John D. Collins on Jul 27, 2012


    The FAA Chief Counsel has interpreted that a CFII may log an instrument approach in actual conditions when providing instrument instruction and the student is the sole manipulator of the controls. I have quoted an excerpt from the interpretation.

    “The Chief Counsel’s office agrees that the earlier guidance reflects the appropriate
    interpretation of the regulations. The regulations expressly permit an authorized instructor
    conducting instrument instruction in actual instrument flight conditions to log instrument
    flight time (61.5 1(g)(2)). The only remaining issue is whether, even if properly logged, the
    approaches are considered to have been “performed” by the instructor within the meaning of section 61.57 (c)(l). The FAA views the instructor’s oversight responsibility when
    instructing in actual instrument flight conditions to meet the obligation of 61.57( c)(1) to
    have performed the approaches.”

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  3. Mike M. on Jul 28, 2012

    Thanks for that excerpt, just goes to show that as instructors we are continually learning as well.  Not to mention that some regulations when interpted will always fall in favor of the one enforcing the regulation.  After all they were written by lawyers, right?  lol
    Thanks again.

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  4. Matthew Waugh on Jul 30, 2012

    Too many holes in the question to answer. Are you JUST an instrument instructor or do you hold other instrument ratings? What set of regulations are you operating under? Do you have an ATP? And others…..
    One thing is clear – it ain’t instrument instruction unless the student is flying solely by reference to instruments.
    There are lot’s of ways to play this game – but let’s go back to a basic question – WHY do you want to log it as instrument instruction?

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