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3 Answers

emergency checklist for multi-engine

Asked by: 2510 views Student Pilot

Dear instructors online,I am a pilot student studying for multi-engine rating,we are studying files for piper AZTEC “D”,questions for me is what should I do when notice that oil is leaking out of the left engine cover?

and if I shut down the left engine and notice th left gyro flag indicator is out,what should I do?

and during a long approach if my right engine starts to vibrate excessively,what  should I do,

should I go for the emergency checklist?but I don't know where should I begin,I just don't know how to connect the questions with items on checklist, dear sir,I am waiting for the answer and any suggestions for Multi-engine and IFR learning. thank you so much!

I am at the beginning ,and I am confused ,hope you don't mind 

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3 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Apr 08, 2012

    How much oil? What do the Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature guages show?  What if the oil is running out the bottom of the cowl and you can’t see it?
    If, by the left gyro flag indicator you mean the red pop out button on the vacuum gauge, that would be normal if the engine is shut down.
    At what point would you consider engine vibration to be excessive?
    These seem like issues to take up with your flight instructor.

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  2. Best Answer

    Curtis Ide on Apr 12, 2012

    If your checklist has memory items you are expected to know them. Rmergencies with memory items normally include engine failure on takeoff, engine fires, autopilot failures, etc.  If you have memory items you would be expected to perform those items and then use the checklists.  Otherwise you are generally expected to use your emergency checklist. Then if there are items that don’t have a specific checklist for your aircraft this is where experience and systems knowledge would come into play. For example – Right engine starts to vibrate excessivelly – Check engine instruments-rpm-manifold etc, if normal, reduce power, if vibration still exists consider shutting down the right engine – how long do you have to land? can you maintain altitude with one engine? will shutting down the right engine cause any other problems?
    The questions you asked above are primarily questions that will involve systems knowledge and using experience to evaluate your best option.  Your instructor should be teaching you how to handle these situations in your aircraft as you go through training.  If you are answering questions from a handout I would assume that they gave you reading material to help you make these determinations. 

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  3. Harold on May 20, 2012

    thank you very much sir!very appreciate that,Have a goodday!!!

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