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3 Answers

Logging landings

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Student Pilot

I'm a student pilot and was wondering if the CFI take over at the last second before landing if I should log that as a landing or not.  I'm just trying to be consistent in my logbook and keep it correct.

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3 Answers

  1. Paul Tocknell on Mar 25, 2012

    If you were at the controls (even if he had some control input assistance) I would still log it as a landing.  If he said “I have controls” and you responded, “You have controls” and then removed your hands completely from the yoke, then I would not log that one as a landing.    

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  2. Micah on Mar 26, 2012

    You aren’t logging landings to document currency (since your currency is determined by your instructor’s endorsement) so don’t worry about the technicals behind whether you should log landings and how this determines currency, etc.
    All you’re logging right now, as a pre-private student pilot is (1) instruction received and (2) solo flight experience. All solo flight experience should be logged since you’re the only person doing the work. As for the instruction received, I would log all of it regardless of who does what. You should be more concerned at this point in your training with what and how you’re learning vs. how many landings you’ve performed by your lonesome (although every student I’ve ever met, including myself at that time, likes the metrics of hours, landings, etc., and how that boosts your confidence).

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  3. Pete Kemble on Apr 02, 2012

    What Micah said…essentially I log all of my student’s landings, whether I flew them or they did, or any combination of the above. I log all of them myself anyway as actiing PIC, but when I actually fly them, I’m teaching, the student is learning, and IMO that allows them to “log” the landing as they have  (hopefully) gotten something out of it. Now go-arounds on the other hand, are not landings, but are logged in the remarks section as it applies to training towards 61.87(d)(15)…pro-tip for students;  everything that is needed for whatever rating / currency currently being sought must be logged! In this case, number of landings is not needed, but a nice to have. The kinds of landings / go arounds, must be logged in the remarks though towards the requirements for a private pilot’s license.

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