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Helicopter add on

Asked by: 3260 views Commercial Pilot, Helicopter, Instrument Rating

I am looking for any help possible with information regarding a helicopter add on.  I attended Ft Rucker with the military IERWcourse  years ago.  Due to extreme family situation revolving around a death I was unable to complete the course and withdrew mealy weeks prior to completion. And consequently left the military.  While I did still acquire a substantial amount of logged flight time.  Approx 250 hours.  I also have over time flown numerous helicopters and logged an additional 75 or so hours.  Curently I hold an ATP multi engine land and work at a airline.  Total time as of now is 21000 tt airplane and 325 rotorcraft.  I am looking for helpor guidance on finally completing the rotor add on.  If there are knowledgable people that can assist me I would be very grateful. 

I meet , I believe all the flight time and hours needed and therefore would like to know. Would I just need to satisfy the instructor on ability,skill and knowledge to move forward or would I need to start all over.  Which isn't really cost effective.  I have seen some programs that seem to state that my flight time would meet the mins and required FAA hours.  But it's not diffinative.  


Thank you to anyone that might want to tackle this question as I have yet to findI someone that knows.

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1 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Feb 25, 2012

    Since you are not rated in helicopters, the 75 hours you flew would count only if an instructor logged them as dual.
    Do you have copies of your military flight time records?  Any time you want to apply toward the rating must be substantiated by training records or logbook entries.
    You don’t state how much time has elapsed since you flew helicopters.  If you have flown recently and your skiills have not diminished, it should be relatively easy.
    Locate a helicopter school near where you live and speak with them.  Also, talk with the pilot examiner that you will take the practical test with.

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