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OK, so here we go.

I received my CFII in 1997 for fixed wing aircraft.  I flew about 900 hours as an instructor and then do to a move I got out of the business and let my instructor license lapse.

Jumped ahead to 2009 and I decided that i wanted to fly helicopters and get back into the business of aviation once again.  I joined up with a school and began my helicopter training.  I completed up to and including my commercial instrument rotorcraft.

Later that year I also completed my CFI rotorcraft.  This is the point that things get confusing for me and the regs are bouncing around my head.  It was 07/2010 that I took my checkride for CFI rotor.  I was told that by completing my CFI rotor it made my CFI fixed wing active again.

So, first question.  Does completing a CFI rotor also reinstate my CFI fixed wing?

Next up, after completing my CFI rotor in 7/2010, I didn't do any flight instruction.  I actually received a job flying tours for a year.  I am now wanting to get back into flight instructing and want to know if I am elegible or not.  It has been less then 2 years since I received my CFI.

So next question.  Am I still able to act as a CFI and if so, is there anything I need to do legally before acting as a CFI? 

Thank you so much for your help I am not a wiz with regs like these.


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3 Answers

  1. Bill Trussell on Feb 07, 2012

    Your situation is clearly outlined in the following regulation from part 61.  Your question about whether you are qualified to instruct is a legitimate one and depends not on the regulations but your comfort level in doing so, which is aircraft dependent.  It is important to note that your instructor certifcation will expire this summer, so you should make plans to renew it, either through attendance at a clinic or through an on line refresher course.  I am assuming that you will not have time to accumulate enough successful student checkrides to re up your certificate through that route.
     61.199   Reinstatement requirements of an expired flight instructor certificate. top
    (a) Flight instructor certificates. The holder of an expired flight instructor certificate who has not complied with the flight instructor renewal requirements of §61.197 may reinstate that flight instructor certificate and ratings by filing a completed and signed application with the FAA and satisfactorily completing one of the following reinstatement requirements:
    (1) A flight instructor certification practical test, as prescribed by §61.183(h), for one of the ratings held on the expired flight instructor certificate.
    (2) A flight instructor certification practical test for an additional rating.
    (b) Flight instructor ratings. (1) A flight instructor rating or a limited flight instructor rating on a pilot certificate is no longer valid and may not be exchanged for a similar rating or a flight instructor certificate.
    (2) The holder of a flight instructor rating or a limited flight instructor rating on a pilot certificate may be issued a flight instructor certificate with the current ratings, but only if the person passes the required knowledge and practical test prescribed in this subpart for the issuance of the current flight instructor certificate and rating.
    [Doc. No. 25910, 62 FR 16298, Apr. 4, 1997, as amended by Amdt. 61–104, 63 FR 20289, Apr. 23, 1998; Amdt. 61–124, 74 FR 42562, Aug. 21, 2009]

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  2. Micah on Feb 07, 2012

    A few comments in addtion to the useful ones from Bill above. (1) What do you read on your CFI certificate? It should list all of your privileges, including the fixed-wing. If not, then… (2) In any case, renew with a “refresher course,” whether an in-person weekend seminar or an online course like provided by AOPA/Jeppesen. There is no excuse for not renewing through one of these methods. (3) If your certificate does not list all of your privileges, read and understand 61.199 and appeal to reinstate your previous CFI privileges. If you don’t have your fixed wing privileges, maybe you did not complete the application correctly. In any case, contact the FSDO to explain and ask for guidance.

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  3. David A Hatcher on Sep 01, 2012

    It is a little disturbing that as a CFI your not a “wiz” at applying Part 61.

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