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BFR Questions

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FAA Regulations

I have read regulation 61.56 and I am unsure about a couple of things:

1. Can completing a phase of the WINGS program substitute for the entire BFR or just the ground portion? Who gives the indorsement in this case?

2. Does passing a CFI ot CFII checkride substitute for BFR? If so, does the DPE need to indorse the logbook with a BFR indorsement or is it sufficient that he signs the logbook for the checkride?


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5 Answers

  1. Jim Foley on Jan 12, 2012

    I can not comment on the WINGS credit, but I do know the CFI/II does not automatically count.  From what I’m told, those types of checkrides are focused more on teaching methods rather than flight expeirience.  You can however, arrange with the DPE prior to the checkride, and they can do a combined test.  Just tell them you want your BFR done at the same time.  However, they are not required to do so, only if they want to.

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  2. Bill Trussell on Jan 12, 2012

    Last question first.  The completion of a practical test for a instructor certificate or rating does not qualify for completion of a BFR.  The rule specifically cites the completion of a practical test for a “pilot certificate or rating”. You will have to make other arrangements to complete your BFR other than strictly those tasks associated wtih these practical tests.
    The WINGS program was designed to ” encourages an on-going training program that provides you an opportunity to fly on a regular basis with an authorized flight instructor. ”  As such the program requires not only ground work but also periodic flights with an authorized instructor.  To complete a phase of the program requires actually flying with and instructor in addition to attending ground education sessions.  It would be the flight instructor who signs off on your WINGS training record who would also sign off on  your BFR.

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  3. Bill Trussell on Jan 12, 2012

    Here is the link for the WINGS program overview:

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  4. Wes Beard on Jan 12, 2012

    Jim and Bill are correct about the CFI/II practical tests.  There is a legal interpretation available if you can to look for it.The wings program as Bill described it has six different activities for each wings phase (Basic, Advanced, Master).  Only after completing the six different activities in a phase does the wings program subtitute for your flight review.  The FAASAFETY.GOV website will issue you a certificate stating you completed a phase of the program and will adjust your flight review in the system.  There is no instructor endorsement required for the flight review.  The instructor needs to sign into the FAASAFETY.GOV website and validate the training given for those activities.  In that sense, it is an instructor signoff but not in the traditional flight review endorsement sense.
    When you get the certificate showing completion of a wings phase, you have the option to print out a smaller certificate to keep in your logbook in case you get ramp checked.

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  5. Derek Schwalenberg on Jan 12, 2012

    1. Yes, entirely. (But likely because the syllabus usually includes both online courses [or seminar attendance] and also flights with an instructor on specific maneuvers)
    2. Not in-and-of-itself, but you can use the new instructor rating to get Master Wings credit.. Just have the DPE endorse it online.

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