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6 Answers

IFR syllabus??? I need some recommendations.

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Instrument Rating

I am currently going thought my IFR training and would like some ACCOMPLISHED pilots and/or CFI’s opinions on an IRF Syllabus to use. I learned a lot when I went through my private rating on instructors and their techniques. Every instructor even though they were teaching the same thing always instructed it to me in a different way. Different but safe techniques is ok I believe but I am more educated now and want to be sure that I learn “A” first then learn “B”. It’s put in the book that way on purpose. Which leads me to a 2nd question, does anyone believe it’s ok to skip around in the book or am I being too picky????    

Tommy Eldridge 


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6 Answers

  1. John D. Collins on Nov 08, 2011

    Although there is a general flow using the building block principle when using a training syllabus, you still have to be able to use judgement and adjust to conditions as necessary. Following a syllabus provides structure, but it is not a hard sequence of learning tasks. 

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  2. Private Pilot Insider on Nov 08, 2011

    Thank you John for your response. Although I am familiar with aviation and VFR, IFR is still a new world for me. I know I only need 50 hours I guess it is but if it takes 70 to be WELL trained I don’t mind. If you could give a short run down on a step by step procedure for training where should I expect to start, what would be next and so on? Also what is your opinion on getting my written out of the way before I start flying? 

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  3. Wes Beard on Nov 08, 2011

    Just like the PP syllabus most instrument syllabi have three stages.
    1.  Basic Attitude Control and learning to intercept and track bearings and courses with precision including arcs
    2.  Instrument Approaches – Learning to read an instrument approach and fly single pilot IFR. 
    3.  Cross Country Operations – Dealing with SIDs and STARs flight planning and performance calculations.  Selecting an instrument approach at the destination airport and following all the alternate rules.
    4.  Prep for the checkride

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  4. Private Pilot Insider on Nov 08, 2011

         Thank you for that info. I am flying the rest of my year out building time for my commercial rating. I will be in and out of town a lot so I’m not going to get too involved with it till then. I do however want to spend some time getting prepared for it so I can  do some reading. I’ll keep the questions coming.
    Tommy Eldridge

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  5. Franklin Diaz-Martinez on Nov 27, 2011

    You can download for free an instrument syllabus. The are also a few other free ones the offer. 

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  6. Private Pilot Insider on Nov 28, 2011

    Thank you Franklin, I will check it out

    Tommy Eldridge

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