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Find Historic Weather Information for Airports

Posted by on March 4, 2008 2 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog

Did you know you can use Wunderground to find historic information for airports? This can be extremely handy when flight planning a month or two ahead of time and trying to find out if you will be able to meet your performance criteria such as takeoff and landing distance which is temperature dependent.

To try this out go to:


On the search bar type in the name of your destination airport:

Weather Underground

Once you do that you can scroll down the page till you see “Weather History for This Location” or you can scroll down further till you see “History and Almanac”. Select the day of your proposed flight from the dropdown box; for year, I would pick the most recent (2007). That will then open a new window.

Weather History and Almanac

You will then see the the data we are looking for: Mean temperature.

Mean Temperature

This is great! Now we can know with pretty good certainty what the temperature will be on the day we are proposed to fly. Now we can look up our performance numbers using our POH or AFM, our runway lengths and make sure everything checks out ok.

Fly Safe.


  1. Alan on Mar 05, 2008

    If you click on ‘Trip Planner’ you can also put in airport codes, and we will show you the historical weather for the date range that you put in.

  2. instructor on Mar 05, 2008

    Thanks Alan,

    You know, the only thing about the Trip Planner is that it returns everything in Fahrenheit not Celsius. Most aircraft performance charts are in Celsius. Thanks though, great tip.

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