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6 Answers

Steps to become a Commercial pilot?

Asked by: 6031 views Commercial Pilot

After graduating from high school, what are the steps in trainings i have to go through for becoming a commercial pilot? Is it compulsory to take science as your stream in A level ( 11th and 12th grd) for being eligible to get trained as a pilot?

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6 Answers

  1. John D. Collins on Apr 16, 2011



    There is no compulsory High School prerequisites that are required in order to become a Commercial Pilot, but High School math and science will be good preparation for any pilot.  Understanding basic math will help with tasks such as flight planning, weight and balance, and performance.  Understanding basic science will help with theory of flight.


    Although being a Commercial pilot does not require a college degree, when you are compared with others applying for a job, the pilot with the degree is more likely to get hired.  There are excellent colleges such as Embry Riddle http://www.erau.edu/ that prepare the student for a career in aviation, they are expensive, but could be a good investment in a flying career.


    There are other commercial schools that train pilots all the way from private pilot thru commercial certificate and all the associated ratings.  The only prerequisite for these schools is sufficient money to pay for the training.



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  2. Richard Hages on Apr 17, 2011

    I would highly recommend earning a bachelor’s degree in the aviation field if you plan on pursuing a commercial pilot career. As John said, the pilot with the degree is much more likely to get the job. Also you will have a college degree to fall back on in the case that you run into a medical disqualification or a snag later on in life.
    To determine your high school curriculum I would research potential colleges that you would want to go to for aviation. John mentioned embry riddle, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my alma mater, the University of North Dakota (an awesome college). Look at their requirements for admission to the university and also to the aviation college and base your cirriculum off of that.
    Hope that helps. Also, check out my blog The Art of Flying. Might be some good tips in there you could use. Thanks.

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  3. Matthew Waugh on Apr 17, 2011

    Nico is in the United Kingdom (or at least one of the Commonwealths).
    So the previous 2 postings are not that relevant.
    Sadly – I’m not much help on what it takes to become a pilot in the UK (or the Commonwealth), *I* came to the US to get my license.
    I did math and physics (and music, but that’s another story) at A level – if that’s any help, but probably not.

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  4. joesph mathai on Jun 05, 2012

    i took commerce so
    i wanted to become a pilot
    what i should do

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  5. nozifa on Mar 03, 2013

    im in high school (10th grade). and I want to become a commercial pilot. but I have no idea what to do after I graduate high school. but I want to have a college degree and then become a commercial pilot because I have seen many answers from different websites that say if u have a college degree u r more likely to get hired. but I don’t know what kind of college to go to and what subjects to study. can someone please tell me in easy words.
    thank you so much

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  6. nozifa on Mar 03, 2013

    I want to become a commercial pilot. but I have no idea what to do after high school, what kind of college to go to, and what subjects to study. but I want to get a 4 years of college degree because I heard if u have college degree, u r more likely to get hired. can someone please answer my questions in easy words. please. I really need help.
    thank you so much

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