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Question #3561 states

(REFER TO FIGURE 25 and Figure 29 in the Private Pilot Supplement) 

The VOR is tuned to the Bonham VORTAC (area 3) and the aircraft is positioned over the town of Sulpher Springs (Area 5).  Which VOR indication is correct? 

A.  7

B.  1

C.  8   


I have marked that the answer is A VOR #7  but this VOR does not have a TO/FROM symbol in any supplements that I have seen.  TO me that would make it seem like it is not receiving a signal from the VOR Facility 

Or is it because since the town and the VOR to Sulpher Springs are close enough that it is in the process of switching on the TO/FROM indicator?  

Why is it VOR #7?  


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3 Answers

  1. John D. Collins on Mar 09, 2011

    It is VOR #7 for the reason you stated.  7 and 8 have the OBS radial of 210 selected and 1 has the reciprocal radial of 030 selected.  Based on the position over the town of Sulphur Springs, the CDI will be deflected to full scale in all cases for the 030 or 210 degree radial, and should have a full fly left if the OBS is set to 030 degrees and a full fly right if the OBS is set to 210 degrees.  This eliminates choice 8 as it shows the CDI centered. The To-From flag determines which side of the VOR you are in.  The position of the aircraft is approximately on the 120 degree radial of the VOR, or 90 degrees off either of the two radial choices.  This is the area where the To – From flag is changing from To to From or visa versa and is therefore ambiguous and will be hidden.  7 is correct because it does not show the flag to be either To or From.  1 shows the aircraft to be on the To side of the 030 radial which would put the aircraft south of the 120 radial, which it isn’t.
    The To/From Flag is a different indicator from the Nav flag. The latter is used to indicate that a valid signal is not being received adequatley.  In the figure, there is no Nav flag shown, so you can’t draw any conclusion regarding reception.

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  2. carpediem1 on Feb 06, 2012

    if You would like an easy explenation download the free trial of our software at
    and view the slide named Test Questions 4 where we cover this question specifically.

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  3. carpediem1 on Feb 07, 2012

    I have also posted a video on youtube. Here is the link

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