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2 Answers

International Flight from Texas to Canada

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Airspace, FAA Regulations, General Aviation, Private Pilot

Howdy! I am an instrument rated pvt pilot (will have multi add on for flight) looking to take my fiancé's family up to Canada from Texas. They have plenty of money and said they would cover the cost of rental to fly from Texas to Alberta in a twin. I would love to log the time, and I guess see her family, but am not quite sure how to accomplish this process through rental. I understand that at this point I would need to obtain a RR license and the plane to have its own radio station license, but how do I ensure a rental aircraft would be legal. Any tips or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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2 Answers

  1. jeff on Aug 10, 2017

    Before you even get into the specifics of international flying, you may want to check. Most places that rent aircraft have a prohibition on taking the aircraft across the border. In addition, non that Im aware of will rent a mutli to someone without a minimum amount of multi time, usually 250-500 hrs, depending on their insurance. I would be very surprised if you found a place that would rent a multi to a new ME rated pilot going across the border. You could set it up to go with another pilot who is qualified from the rentals insurance standpoint, but then you are going to have to pay a day rate for that pilot throughout the trip.

    As far as the radio station license, I believe most countries outside the US require the aircraft have a radio station license. Some require that the pilot do so also. In 35 years of flying however, I have never been asked for my radio station license while flying internationally.

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  2. jeff on Aug 10, 2017

    One other issue to consider. If you dont pay for your fair share of the cost, you may run afoul of operating as a commercial flight, which of course would require a commercial certificate. The regs get very convoluted with respect to this and it can be easy to run afoul of the regs thinking a flight is private, when the FAA would in fact call the flight a commercial operation.

    You also need to get an Eapis account to file an Eapis flight plan, with notices of departure and arrival to Customs and Border Protection. Canada also has some very strict rules of entry. If any of your fiances family has a criminal history, they could be denied entry. Youd want to check that prior to departure. Lots of issues to think about when flying internationally, especially the first time a pilot does it.

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