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When flying a Straight in Approach is OKAY

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On a lot of instrument approach plates it'll give you the option to fly a straight in approach. 91.175 doesn't really specify a whole lot unless I missed something. My question is do you have to be cleared to fly Straight in even at an uncontrolled airport. Like if there's an ILS runway 36 and you're coming from the south can you just fly Straight in with no procedure turns? Or would I still have to do a course reversal and do everything? 


When is flying a Straight in approach, okay? 

1 Answers

  1. Russ Roslewski on May 08, 2017

    AIM 5-4-9(a):

    The procedure turn or
    hold−in−lieu−of−PT is a required maneuver when it
    is depicted on the approach chart, unless cleared by
    ATC for a straight−in approach. Additionally, the
    procedure turn or hold−in−lieu−of−PT is not
    permitted when the symbol “No PT” is depicted on
    the initial segment being used, when a RADAR
    VECTOR to the final approach course is provided,
    or when conducting a timed approach from a holding

    You must fly the Procedure Turn or Hold-in-Lieu-of-PT unless you meet one of the above four conditions, controlled airport or not.

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