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Gps stand alone approach for alternate.

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FAA Regulations, Instrument Rating

Hi! I'm applicant for CFII initial and I got first one few days ago.

One of the question was about alternate airport and I couldn't understand DPE's reaction.

she asked me if I can file airport has only GPS stand alone approach as a alternate airport and I answered 'yes but not for both of primary and alternate, but she said no.

I'm not sure whether it is meaning I'm wrong or I'm right but it is too dangerous to teach student like that minimum regulation thing.

my recheck will be soon so I need answer. Thanks!

2 Answers

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    John D Collins on Apr 11, 2017

    The term GPS Stand Alone is used to describe an approach that has GPS as the title. An RNAV (GPS) is an RNAV approach and not a GPS approach. The GPS stand alone approaches were introduced early in the program around the time when most GPS approaches were overlays of ground based navaid approaches, example VOR or GPS as the title. So we have three animals that are often called GPS approaches, those with titles of:
    GPS (aka GPS standalone)
    or GPS (aka GPS overlay)
    RNAV (GPS) aka RNAV using GPS

    Only with RNAV (GPS) have I ever seen approved for use as an alternate. Regardless, the answer is that if the alternate not authorized symbol (A NA) is not on the chart, then the approach may be used as an alternate. Most RNAV (GPS) approaches have the alternate symbol on the chart without the NA, which means there are notes in the alternate section of the TPP that qualify when the approach may be used as an alternate. In most cases, the note simply says “NA when local weather not available.”

    The current FAA guidance for a non WAAS GPS is that for a destination and an alternate, only one may require the use of GPS, but not both, A WAAS GPS does not have this restriction.

    AIM references:
    1-1-17 b. 5. (c) and (d)
    1-1-18 c. 9. (a)

    Become familiar with the entire section 1-1-17 and 1-1-18 of the AIM

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  2. honorwings on Apr 11, 2017

    Thanks a lot! Sir! It was really helpful for me.

    I feel I have a lot of thing to study more.

    Thanks again!

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