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2 Answers

Taxi clearance run-up instructions?

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FAA Regulations, Private Pilot

The tower at KISP gave me a taxi clearance that ended with "do your run-up on Runway 33L" (best I can recall: "Runway 24 intersection departure. Taxi via A, S, C, B3 and you can do your run-up on 33L"). My interpretation was that I was to taxi along the given route (which ended at 33L just prior to where it crosses 24), then enter 33L, do my run-up there, and then be prepared to depart on 24.

When I made it to 33L, I taxied to the right side of the runway and did my run-up - but pretty much soon as I parked, the tower called me and asked if I had completed my run-up, and this made me think I had done something incorrectly. There was landing traffic on 24, so perhaps he was just making sure that I wasn't planning on doing something stupid like rolling onto the active runway.

The rest of the departure was uneventful, but I did want to see if there's something special about "do your run-up on Runway x" clearances that I might have handled incorrectly. 


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2 Answers

  1. Russ Roslewski on Mar 21, 2017

    No, it seems to me like you did everything exactly like the Tower told you and expected you to do. I’m sure if you did something wrong, they would have let you know it.

    Since you heard nothing else about the matter, I’d say you did it right.

    Why they asked if you were done with the runup yet, only they know.

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  2. Dave M on Mar 21, 2017

    I’ll second that I don’t think you did anything wrong. It’s possible that he had another outbound plane and he just wanted to know if the spot would be available by the time it got there. Or maybe he was trying to plan ahead on how he was goīng to get you into the system, especially if you filed IFR.

    Don’t forget that you can ALWAYS ask ATC to clarify or repeat anything that you are uncertain of or is unclear. They would much rather you ask than do something incorrect (or worse, dangerous). I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times controllers have thanked me for asking for clarification, even if the original instructions were pretty clear. In your case, I probably would have asked him to confirm he wanted me to do the runup ON the runway (I’m not familiar with KISP procedures) ‘cuz to me, being on a runway for purposes other than takeoff or landing seems odd. When in doubt, ask.

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