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4 Answers

Question about KILT ILS or LOC RWY 1 Chart

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Hi. I have one last question. It's about the ILS or LOC RWY 1 chart of KILG. The procedure note says "ADF or DME required." But shouldn't it be "ADF and DME required"? As I see it, it looks like ADF is required to identify the FAF and DME to identify MAP. Am I missing something here? Thank you.

4 Answers

  1. Russ Roslewski on Jan 18, 2017

    A couple points. The positioning of the word makes a difference as to what segment it applies to. Read AIM 5-4-5(a)(3)(b) for the details. I will note, however, that this rule has been applied with varying degrees of accuracy over the years, and older approaches may not comply with the current standards until they are amended. It is always best to do what you do and take a look at each approach to determine what you will need to fly it.

    Second point – ADF is not required to identify the ILS FAF or the LOC FAF. The ILS FAF is determine by glideslope intercept at the published altitude, indicated by the lightning bolt. This always the case on every ILS procedure. The LOC FAF can be identified by an ADF, yes, but also by a marker beacon receiver, as the FAF is a LOM, which consists of both parts.

    Third point – DME is not used to identify the LOC MAP. There is no DME distance charted, and in fact, there isn’t even a DME transmitter associated with the LOC system here. You must use the timing table to determine the LOC MAP. The ILS MAP, of course, is simply whenever you reach DA on glideslope and never needs DME or timing to determine.

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  2. John D Collins on Jan 18, 2017

    I asked my go to expert in the FAA the following questions:

    1) Why is ADF required when there is an IAF from BLARE that can be used to join the approach with Radar?
    2) Why is DME not required (Notes say ADF or DME Required). How do you do the missed approach procedure and the hold at ELUDE without DME?
    3) May the localizer and OM be used for the hold at HADIN or is the ADF required?
    4) The feeder route from OOD to HADIN, is the route a radial of 267 from OOD or a bearing to IL or both?

    His response was:

    Well, you found a real goose egg.

    This procedure was developed back in 2010 and published as amendment 23 in 2011. It had a couple of abbreviated amendments via P-NOTAM since then.

    For your number 1, For some reason, they didn’t make and intersection at the LOM using the crossing radial from Woodstown VORTAC??? So for the LOC portion, you need ADF for the FAF. You need ADF for the PT. You need ADF for the NoPT arrival from BLARE.

    Number 2. I agree, the missed approach requires DME. I believe the more appropriate note would be ADF AND DME Required.

    3. Can’t use an outer marker to hold, if there was a crossing radial from OOD, you could use the loc and radial as an intersection to hold. That is why ADF is required for all arrivals, PT and NoPT.

    4. It is a radial from OOD to half way to the LOM. In this case, the service volume would cover you flying it either way. OOD sv is 40 miles, IL is 15 miles. Since the route is less than 15 miles, technically you depart OOD on the radial and switch over at the half way point, but you could also tune to the LOM and use it, or the radial until over the ADF. But we always plan these as halfway, unless there is a restriction of some sort.

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  3. Lemontree on Jan 18, 2017

    I’m sorry Russ. I made a mistake. What I meant was that the DME was required to identify “holding fix,” not MAP.

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  4. Lemontree on Jan 18, 2017

    Thank you Russ and John for taking time to answer my questions. Your answers answer all my questions. Thanks again.

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