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KABQ Feeder Route Options?

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My IFR stage check is next friday. I have a great understanding of the system, but this specific scenario is giving me some questions. I think I'm over-thinking it. This is the scenario:

You're coming into KABQ from the west on V12 in the vicinity of HEGMA for a landing on RW8. You need to end the flightplan at a feeder fix. The MSA is 9100 and you're crusing at 9k. To me the ILS seems preferable to an RNAV/GPS due to it being a precision approach. The problem for me  is planning how to get on to the approach course from the ABQ VOR (assuming I lose comms) since ABQ isn't a feeder fix/IAF. In additions, for the RNAV (GPS) Y 8 apprach, HEGMA IS a feeder fix but theres a note saying the proc. is NA for arrivals on the ABQ vor radials 216 cw to 332 (V12 is on the 255) I would appreciate if people were to tell me how they would approach the situation.


2 Answers

  1. John D Collins on Jan 07, 2017

    Looking at the RNAV (GPS) Y RWY 8 chart, the IAF is HEGMA and is a NoPt route. so arriving on V12, you would join the procedure at HEGMA, not at ABQ. ABQ has a feeder to the IAF at JILUG with the course reversal via a HILPT. Since the course reversal is back at JILUG, arriving from the airway radials 216 CW to 332 would exceed the turn limitations when at ABQ, so they are Not Authorized.

    It is not a requirement that your route end at a feeder fix, although it is a consideration. 91.185 is your guidance on route, altitude, and when to commence your approach descent. You have not provided sufficient information in your scenario to determine what the appropriate course of action should be. It is dependent on your flightplan, your clearance and or your expected clearance, if you are on vectors, etc. If you put some more meat on the specifics, we can explore what 91.185 requires you to do.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Jan 08, 2017

    I agree with John, but I see the source of confusion.

    Tommy, were you reading “Procedure NA for arrivals on ABQ VORTAC airway radials 216 CW 332 to mean arriving at HEGMA from the west? It doesn’t. It means arriving at ABQ VOR from that area for the feeder back to the HILPT at JILUG.

    It might be better if the note said “for arrivals at ABQ VORTAC via airway radials…” language used in similar situations on other approach charts.

    What helps a little in this case is the context and sometimes we need to see the forest as well as the trees. Reading it as prohibiting arrivals at HEGMA from the west would not only make the NoPT from HEGMA meaningless, but the feeders from LORAT and ACOMA as well since both would be in the prohibited zone.

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