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JEPPESEN Charts Symbols and Defintion

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When I was reading JEPPESEN GLOSSARY LEGEND, I came across Airway Designator (Positive and Negative). I would like to understand the difference between positive and Negative Airway or explanation or a definition on each Type of (Positive and Negative) Airways.

I do really appreciate your help. Thank You

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1 Answers

  1. Mark Kolber on Aug 20, 2016

    It’s simpler than one might think. All it means is that airway designators – those alphanumeric names for airways, like V103 or M235 – can be displayed as black characters in a white box (positive) or white characters in a black box (negative). The purpose is simply to make them stand out differently from the other information on the chart. “Negative” as in white on black like a photo negative, not “negative” as in a number below zero.

    The negative depiction is standard in en route charts. While I have never seen one, the Jepp legend has examples of both in a table in the legend, indicating the positive is used when displaying airway information on an approach chart.

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