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2 Answers

Bold type airport elevation

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I spent 2 days to find out the answer. But I failed.

If you look at the Jeppesen approach chart "approach briefing information section", you can see Apt. Elev., TDZE, RWY elevations. But some elevations are written in bold type and some elevations are not.

I don't know the difference. I looked up every book that I have and I googled it. But I failed to find the answer.

If you know the answer, please help me to find the answer.

Thanks. ^^

2 Answers

  1. Mark Kolber on Jul 22, 2016

    Do you have any examples?

    AFAIK, the “important” altitude in the altitude box of the Briefing Strip is in bold. That’s the one the primary minimums are calculated from. That will be the TDZE altitude for airports with TDZE markers and the airport elevation for the others, unless the runway elevation is significantly different than the airport elevation (not sure what’s used as a guideline for that) in which case you might see a bold RWY number.

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  2. wannaflykr on Aug 04, 2016

    I got this answer from Jeppesen.

    Apologies this has caused some confusion.
    There is no significance between bold and un-bold Apt. Elev., TDZE, RWY elevations.
    Charting Standards made a specification change to remove the bold for Apt, TDZE, and Rwy end elevations aimed at chart simplification, but this is a slow process and so some charts will have bold and others will not.

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