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NTSB 830

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I was trying to familiarize my sell with the NTSB regs in 830. I understand the definitions of accident vs. incident and serious incident, but I'm confused when it comes to reporting.

So if you are involved in an accident or serious incident you need to immediately report that accident or serious incident to the NTSB? And you do not need to report an incident? I believe that is correct. But what is it that you need to report within 10 or 7 days? Or when requested?



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1 Answers

  1. Rich on May 24, 2016

    I can appreciate your confusion. Hopefully this helps:

    NTSB section 830.5 requires immediate notification to the NTSB of an aircraft accident; an aircraft that is overdue and believed to be in an accident; or when any of the serious incidents listed in 830.5(a)(1) through (12) occurs. Other incidents need not be reported.

    Section 830.2, Definitions, defines “aircraft accident” to include death, serious injury, or substantial aircraft damage. It also defines “incident” in a broad sense, but to require notification to the NTSB, the incident has to be one of those specifically listed in section 830.5(a)(1) through (12). You may occasionally hear of the (a)(1) through (12) serious incidents referred to as reportable incidents.

    Accidents and incidents required to be reported to the NTSB are filed on NTSB Form 6120.1, Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident/Incident Report, as follows:

    Accident: File within 10 days.

    Serious incident: File only as requested by NTSB.

    Overdue and still missing aircraft: File after 7 days.

    Accidents and the section 830.5(a)(1) through (12) serious incidents are reportable to the NTSB, not the FAA. The NTSB investigates accidents and selected incidents to determine probable cause and makes safety recommendations as appropriate.

    The FAA is always a party to NTSB aircraft accident investigations, and the FAA will investigate for involvement of nine FAA responsibilities. The FAA does not participate in establishing probable cause in NTSB reports.

    The NTSB and FAA have slightly different definitions of incidents, but there is no regulatory requirement to notify the FAA of incidents. That said, the FAA will investigate any accident or incident it becomes aware of.

    The foregoing description of accident and incident reporting is not entirely accurate for air carriers, which have more comprehensive FAA notification and reporting requirements.

    May you enjoy a long career in aviation and never have to refer to any of this in an official capacity!

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