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4 Answers

Instrument Cross-Country Requirement

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Instrument Rating

I completed my instrument cross-country flight but not sure if it meets the requirements.

I flew at least 104 miles to my first practice approach then about another 80 miles landed got fuel and returned back home completing two more approaches on the way back.  I completed 4 different IAPs at different airports.

I believe I meet the App C, Part 141, requirement for the 250 nm cross-country but not sure.

Do I have to fly the whole 250nm flight without landing to meet the requirement?

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4 Answers

  1. Jim MacKay on Feb 09, 2016

    It appears that you have made the requirements. Since you probably have your CFII on board you could simply ask him if you met the distance requirements.
    You also indicated you did 4 approaches, since 61.65 only requires 3 different approaches you are probably OK there.

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  2. CW4 Franklin Diaz-Martinez (USA Ret) on Feb 09, 2016

    Thanks. I’m a RW CFII doing my airplane add-on ratings so I’m also trying to get real smart the rules.

    The “landing” part is what confused me, not sure if it was one complete flight without landing.

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  3. Kris Kortokrax on Feb 10, 2016


    61.65 wording doesn\’t matter because he is training under 141. That said, the 141 language pretty much mirrors the language in 61.65.


    The distance and approach criteria you listed meet the requirements. The fact that the regulation uses the term \”cross country\” mandates that a landing be made, so you have no problem there either. The other requirement that must be met is that the flight be conducted under IFR, which means that you need to file flight plans for each leg in your flight instructor\’s name and need to be flying on a clearance issued by ATC.

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  4. CW4 Franklin Diaz-Martinez (USA Ret) on Feb 10, 2016

    Jim and Kris thanks for your help!

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