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General questions about being a commercial pilot that need to be answered.

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Commercial Pilot, General Aviation

What is the job description of an airline pilot?

  1. Is there a certain education you need to be a pilot?
  2. What is the entry level salary for a commercial pilot.
  3. What is the job outlook for a commercial pilot in 2016
  4. What is the most enjoyable about being a pilot
  5. What is the least enjoyable part about being a pilot
  6. What is the work environment like?
  7. Are there any chances for advancement.
  8. Are there any benefits?

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1 Answers

  1. Dauntless Aviation www.dauntless-soft.com on Jan 29, 2016

    HI Adrian and we’re glad we can help you with your homework :). You’ve come to the right place, but please be sure to supplement whatever answers you get here with ones you get elsewhere.

    The term “commercial pilot” is often used by the general public when they mean “airline pilot.” actually the job roles for commercial pilots is not just airline pilots, but many other things too such as helicopter pilots, law enforcement pilots, crop dusting pilots, flight instructors, and much more.

    1. to become a commercial pilot in the FAA, you need to get an FAA Commercial Pilot certificate. This requires taking and passing a number of flight tests and written tests. It also requires a fair amount of aeronautical experience. To become an airline pilot requires even more tests, certificates, ratings, and experience. Additionally, as a practical matter, most if not all airline pilots these days are expected to have a college degree.

    2. The entry level salary varies greatly depending on the job. Entry level salaries at some commuter airlines can be quite low – in the low tens of thousands, but they can grow to something very reasonable within a short time.

    3. For a number of reasons, the job outlook for pilots is very strong in the years ahead.

    4+5 The most and least enjoyable thing about being a pilot varies from person to person. For me, I like the view.

    6. The work environment varies strongly depending on the employer and actual job. For a typical airline pilot, the work environment means sitting in a cockpit while in close communication with another crewmember (the first officer or captain) and working as a team.

    7. Of course pilots can advance both from first officer to captain positions and from smaller to bigger aircraft. They can also advance by moving to more prestigious airlines and companies.

    8. Airline pilots at the best airlines get plenty of benefits. One big one is often they get heavily discounted travel for themselves and their families.

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