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3 Answers

RATP quailication 61.159 & 61.160

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Hello, I need some help to ensure that I am reading a FAR correctly regarding RATP criteria. I am a USAF FE with over 1500hrs and have a 3 Aviation related AA's from the USAF. Per FAR 61.159 & 61.160 do I qualify for a 750hr PIC( 500hr credit for FE time and 250hr credit for Aviation AA) RATP? Thank you all for the inputs

3 Answers

  1. William Brynjo on Dec 02, 2015

    You have to explain what AAs are.

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  2. BJ Miller on Dec 03, 2015

    These sections are specific to pilots. What military/civilian pilot ratings do you have? Part 61.159 does allow you to credit up to 1500 hours of your FE time toward the 1500 hours required for an ATP, but not unless you possess an FAA commercial pilot rating first. Perhaps you do, it just isn’t apparent in you question. Also, as William says, you need to explain what an AA is and why you believe that they equate to flight time?

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  3. johann alvarez on Feb 17, 2016

    Hello captain , I hope doing well.
    I am commercial pilot in cololmbia with instrument, single engine, and multiengine land and I have 1600 hours. The last year I did the ATP CTP Course , I did the Writting test and I pass, and I did my oral test and checkride in a Hawker simulator in flight safety wilmington on december , but the faa declined my paper becouse in the letter of verification the autority in colombia put single engine land, instrument and the word COPILOT multiengine land and the the faa inspector said me that I need a PIC multiengine in my colombian license and letter of verification not a Copilot multiengine .
    What can I do?

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