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2 Answers

Can I have an FAA ATP issued with a single engined seaplane?

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Hi Guys and Girls I have a European ATP (EASA ATPL). I took the FAA ATP ground exam last year so it expires next year in May. My plan was to put a G650 on it and use this initial course for the issue of the ATP but that is now delayed until after next May. So, here's the question!  Can I go and do a seaplane rating and get an FAA ATP issued on the basis of that and my written exam? My intention would be to have either the G650 or my current types G550 & GLEX added later. Thanks for your advise James

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2 Answers

  1. Wes Beard on Sep 07, 2015

    If you meet the aeronautical experience for an ATP, you can get an ATP ASES privilege.

    You will beed at 50 hours in an ASES airplane before taking the oractical test.

    The bigger concern is finding a DPE with that privilege on his DPE LOA. I dont know of too many with that privilege.

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  2. Russ Roslewski on Sep 07, 2015

    As Wes correctly states, you “can” possibly do this, but there might be more to it.

    I assume that you are thinking about doing one of those one-weekend seaplane courses and have it done at the ATP level, thereby upgrading your certificate to ATP-ASES. If, like most people doing these courses, you have no prior seaplane time, it won’t work because of the 50-hour time in class requirement of 61.159(a). This requirement is only a few years old, so many people don’t yet realize it’s there.

    But let’s say you do have the 50 hours in seaplanes. This route STILL may not accomplish what you’re trying to achieve, which I assume is a way to avoid having to do the new CTP class that is required to take the new multi-engine ATP written test when you do decide to add ATP-AMEL. If that’s your goal, then it’s my understanding that just having some other ATP certificate is no longer acceptable to avoid the ATP-AMEL written test.

    To say that another way, there are now two ATP written tests – multiengine and single engine. All the new requirements for the CTP program pertain to the multiengine written test. If you took the “old” ATP written last summer like thousands of other people, you have until 24 months from then to take the ATP-AMEL checkride, or your written test for ATP-AMEL expires, EVEN IF you have an ATP-ASEL (for example).

    It’s not a real clear area of the regulations, this transition we’re in is awkward. I suggest a pretty thorough reading of Part 61 Subpart G. This rule has also been extensively discussed on the various online pilot forums, so it would probably be worth a internet search. Also a call to a FSDO would be helpful.

    Good luck!

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