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CFI Classroom Presentations

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Hello All,   I am looking for input from other CFIs for what they use for classroom presentation. I have taught a few formal ground schools with class sizes 2-4, but my school is beginning to transition to potentially larger class sizes (5-10) and potentially put in for a 141 cert. That being said, I as an instructor, am also simply looking to give my students a more professional appearing presentation without reinventing the wheel.   Up to this point, I have used powerpoint presentations that I created myself throughout the last couple years, and they work well, because I know the material that I put in them in the order I put it in (trying to follow a Jep syllabus, roughly). These PPTs are starting to feel a little outdated in appearance and professionalism.   I have looked into "Jeppesen FliteTraining Private Pilot Instructor Guide" and the IFR equivalent, however haven't found too many reviews, positive or negative. It appears that the product comes with a USB drive with editable PPT; as well as a few other tools to help make the presentations more seamless.   Any input on ideas, reviews of the product above, or insight into similar products that google hasn't introduced me to would be much appreciated.   Thanks   Chris

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2 Answers

  1. jeff on Sep 12, 2015


    I do 3-4 day initial and recurrent type training and also use PPT presentations that I made myself. I personally think that the best presentations are always gonna be the ones you make yourself. In a small class especially, the content is king and good content is never outdated. The ones we make ourselfs more naturally flow because they come from within. Whenever I have used someone elses presentation, it just never feels right and I wind up reading slides instead of using the slides for illustration. Save your money and update your own IMHO.

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  2. Aerovikora on May 28, 2016

    I don\’t know if you\’re still looking for an answer but I just received the “JeppesenFliteTraining Private Pilot Instructor Guide” and I’m sending it back.

    If you’re looking for actual content, this is not for you.

    If you’re looking for an “almost ready” Powerpoint presentation so you can start teaching ground school, this ain’t it.

    There are PPT slides on a USB drive but they are NOT ground school slides.

    The whole premise of this product (which I didn\’t understand when I ordered it) is that it is a “Guide” to help shepherd your students through the JEPPESEN ONLINE FLIGHT SCHOOL.

    What that means is your STUDENTS PAY JEPPESEN $300 for their online ground school class and you only meet to answer questions, discuss, and expound after they’ve done the lessons online.

    All the books and all the slides are nothing but OUTLINES. There is no content, no images, no nothing of any value unless your students are enrolled in the Jeppesen Online Course.

    It used to be Jepp sold slides so CFIs could earn money by teaching ground schools. Now they expect us to pay them almost $100 for mostly blank books and blank slides and tell our students to buy ground school from them.

    I was very disappointed…

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