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8 Answers

Expermental Aircraft used for Instruction

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Flight Instructor, Private Pilot, Student Pilot

I have a student who just bought (he is not the builder) a Zenith CH-701 STOL aircraft (Experimental and falls into the LSA category).  I am also a CH-701 owner with many hours in one and therefor qualified in this aircraft.

I have given instruction in an experimental to pilots who own their aircraft (transition training). But I have never given primary training in an experimental.

My question is, can I give this student pilot primary training, sign him off for solo flights, and even sign him off for his check ride in this aircraft???

My guess is yes but I am hoping some of my fellow CFIs knows the answer to this question and can provide me with some FARs which states this.

Thanks for your help,

Danny Creech

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8 Answers

  1. Jason Schappert on Nov 17, 2010

    This was a long time debate expecially in the area of experimental rentals. However your student as the owner operator is fine to give instruction to in the aircraft.

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  2. Brian on Nov 17, 2010

    Hi Danny,
    As Jason said, you are legal to do this. To my knowledge there is no binding FAA literature. With that said, the debate, for myself at least, is safety. I don’t personally build planes, so I’m not sure how I could possibly do a thorough preflight to ensure it is built properly and safe for flight. In other words, my decision would be a case by case basis depending on who the builder is.
    Good luck,

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  3. Best Answer

    Danny D. Creech on Nov 17, 2010

    Thanks Jason and Brian. I have also confirmed this with DPE friend of mine.
    Jason I know you can NOT use an experimental aircraft for commercial proposes. So rentals (pay for use) is considered commercial and therefore cannot be used in that aspect. I am kind of suprised anyone would feel that is a debatable subject. The difference in this situation is the aircraft is not being used commercially. The only pay is for my services.
    Brian, I agree with you. I took a long time going over this aircraft. Then I had the owner do several high speed taxis. Then I did several high speed taxis myself with 2 one to two foot hops. I also own one of these type aircraft. I don’t take climbing into any aircraft, Standard or Experimental lightly. Any aircraft I have never flown gets a major look over and if anything tickles my safety senses, I just don’t fly it. I guess that is why in 27 years as a pilot I’ve never had anything happen other than a vacuum pump go out on a beautiful VRF day 5 miles from the airport. Call me a chicken, but I will be around tomorrow to fly. <Grin>
    Thanks again guys for conforming what I was thinking.   

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  4. John on Dec 16, 2010

    Where can I receive instruction in the CH-701?  I have an ATP certificate but am interested in flying a LSA and am intrigued by the CH-701.

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  5. Danny D. Creech on Dec 16, 2010

    John, if you are near the NE corner of Louisiana, I will fly with you. If not, you have to call around to your local FBOs and see who teaches LSA. Also a good place to look is an organization called SAFE. Here is their web site: http://www.safepilots.org/ 
    They have a list of Flight Instructors that teach LSA.
    The 701 is an amazing preforming aircraft. But there are two issues that need to be addressed with the original design. One is the rudders are stiff and require you to apply opposite rudder when coming out of a turn. The other is you normally cannot trim it for best glide speed in the event of an engine failure. Both issues can be corrected. But Zenith clams there is NOTHING wrong with the design even though EVERYONE who builds this aircraft have the same two issues. I would recommend you fly up to Mexico Memorial Airport (Mexico, MO) and take a test flight in both the 701 and 750. The 750 is as roomy as the C-172 and the 701 is like a C-150!
    If you end up buying one and would like me to instruct you in it, please contact me and I will fly to you for a week or whatever amount of time you need.
    Good luck in whatever you end up doing. 
    Danny Creech

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  6. Ron Rounds on Jul 30, 2012

    No legal reason not to train in the 701 but try to get insurance for instruction…   

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  7. Ron Rounds on Jul 30, 2012

    No legal reason to not train, but try to get insurance….

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  8. Timothy on May 11, 2014

    Flight instruction in an experimental certificated aircraft sounds legal from what I read here.

    Now go to the regs, §91.319(e)(2). No person may operate an experimental aircraft…except to (2) conduct flight training in an aircraft WHICH THAT PERSON PROVIDES PRIOR TO JANUARY 31,2010

    WTF does that legal gobbledygook mean in Caps? Before 2010 flight instruction in experimental is legal, but not after?

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