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2 Answers

Taxi “lessons” at class C

Asked by: 2059 views Private Pilot

Bought a share in a club at class C.  I'm thinking about starting out with just a  request from ground control to taxi about the airport to get familiar with it.  How about if I ask for "Progressive Taxi"  about and around the airport to get a feel for it. I would do it off peak hours.  (This airport is new to me, the flying itself shouldn't be a problem)    thanks

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2 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Jan 04, 2015

    Get a copy of the airport diagram. Become familiar with the layout.
    Look at the airport on Google Earth.

    They are not likely to let you just taxi around. You will need to give them a destination (i.e. Request taxi to runway so and so, or request taxi to an FBO on the other side of the field).

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  2. Matthew Waugh on Jan 05, 2015

    If you’re going to do this (and I wouldn’t, but to each their own) give the tower a call on the phone beforehand and explain what you want to do and they’ll tell you what time would be best and how to deal with the whole thing. I was based at a Class C airport for a while – it’s AMAZING what you can get done if you just call up and ask and are flexible.

    You can just request taxi to various points (intersections etc. – it wouldn’t have to be from non-movement to non-movement area). Heck if the ground controller wants to play along get them to pick random points to send you to.

    BUT – as I said, I wouldn’t do this. Get a copy of the airport diagram, study it, know the points you’re going to want to go to (runways, hangars, FBOs) and figure out likely routes and then just go and fly. I’m sure your club has a checkout procedure so you’ll have an instructor with you at least the first time. If you’re confused ask for progressive taxi, the controller will help you out.

    If you’re still nervous get a scanner and go and listen to taxi clearances and figure out what you would do if those clearances were given to you.

    It isn’t rocket science – there are a few airports (O’Hare, maybe JFK) where taxi is a confusing mess of insider code words and non-standard procedures – but most airports it’s not as confusing as you think it is.

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