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5 Answers

ICAO Annex 3 Amendments

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General Aviation

Hello, I'd like to ask a question concerning Aviation Law, I didn't find this category to classify my problem. The ICAO Annex 3 is amended every 3 years I guess, and the last amendment is the 76. So, do I have to, just have a look at this amendment, thinking that it's an update and includes previous informations from old amendments ? Or, is it an amendment that includes new modifications only. I don't know if I'm explaining well... Jaziri Elyes, student pilot

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5 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Dec 05, 2014

    ICAO Annex 3, Meteorological Services for International Air Navigation, provides standards and recommended practices covering the following key areas:

    Met Observing
    Met Forecasts
    Met Warnings to aircraft
    Aircraft Met reports
    Communication and dissemination of Met information

    If you want to look at the ICAO Annexes, you will need to pay for that privilege. The ICAO website does not provide them for free.

    Why would you need to read the Annexes, unless your country requires operations to be conducted in accordance with the Annexes?

    For the U.S., compliance with Annex 2 is required when operating over the high seas or in a foreign country if Annex 2 requires something contrary to Part 91.

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  2. Jaziri Elyes on Dec 05, 2014

    Hello Kris,
    First, thank you for your answer , that was helpful for me.
    “Why would you need to read the Annexes, unless your country requires operations to be conducted in accordance with the Annexes?” I’m getting prepared for a job recruiting, and when reviewing my meteorology courses ( METAR, TAF, …) I’ve read that somethings have changed like “SKC” is no more mentioned,no more “NDV” in the AUTO METAR… So the idea was to have a look at the amendment. After some researchs on the internet, I’ve found a summary for the amendment, and then, my question was that “is that enough ?”

    I didn’t know that I have to pay to get the annexes.

    Thank you again Kris.

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  3. Best Answer

    Mark Kolber on Dec 05, 2014

    If ICAO follows generally-used regulatory amendment procedures, the “Amendment” will only show parts that have changed, typically using some sort of redline or blackline convention. At some later date, a new edition of the Annex itself would be published, typically with a statement to the effect that “This edition incorporates all amendments” up to a certain date. I think it’s the “edition” that gets updated every 3 years. Amendments can be done any time.

    If this general procedure applies to ICAO changes (base on what I have seen it does but I am not 100% certain), then you would need to read the current Annex 3 (which I think is the 18th, published in July 2013 containing all amendments through February 2013) together with the 76ht Amendment until the 19th Edition is published, probably in 2016.

    Fortunately, the Annex and the Amendment documents will generally make clear what they cover. If you have access to an older edition of the Annex, you will see that on the cover. And if you are looking at the Amendment, it will be just as clear.

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  4. Jaziri Elyes on Dec 05, 2014

    I think I’ve just got a very clear explanation ! I didn’t think about the existence of “the amendment and the edition” of the annex. The edition incorporates all amendments, that answers to my question.
    Mark Kolber , I’d like to thank you a lot, for the answer and the e-mail notification.
    *it was the first time I ask a question on this website and, I’m thankful for your help.

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  5. Mark Kolber on Dec 05, 2014

    I’m pleased I could help. I can’t take credit for the email notification – that’s the website software that does that par, so the thanks goes to Dauntless.

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