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3 Answers

Correct Missed Approach Procedure from Circling Approach

Asked by: 15252 views Flight Instructor

what is the correct procedure for missed apch after doing a circle to land procedure? in detail thank you.

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3 Answers

  1. Matthew Waugh on Jul 31, 2010

    Well technically after you’ve done the circle to land procedure the correct procedure would be to taxi back for take-off.

    If you have started, but not completed the circle to land procedure and lose visual reference then you follow the procedures outlined in AIM 5-4-21 (c) which are pretty vague, but that’s because each procedure will have different elements that you have to take into account. If you have left the MDA and lose visual reference you really are on your own, hence many instructors admonishment not to leave MDA until established on final.

    Perhaps if you have a specific approach in mind you can post that and we can take a look at the specifics and provide more details.

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  2. Wesley Beard on Nov 11, 2010

    If you lose visual reference to the airport while circling the best advice and what is recommended in the Instrument Procedures Handbook is to make an immediate climbing turn to the center of the airport.  The reason being is that you are protected at MDA to a certain radius around the airport.  Once you have re-intercepted the final course turn outbound and follow the missed approach procedure.  If that procedures takes you back to the outer marker than you can turn to that instead.
    Some things to think about though when missing on the circle.  (1) Missed approach climb gradients are standard at 200 FPNM unless otherwise noted on the chart.  This gradient starts at the missed approach point.  Even though, MDA is guaranteed 1.3NM from the opposite end of the runway, the climb gradient may require you to be quite higher at 1.4NM depending on how long the runway is and the height of MDA.

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  3. Ralph on Jan 12, 2016

    Scenario is: Doing the LOC32 at KIND with a circle North for Rnwy23R. The missed off 32 is climb to 1500 then slight right turn to 3000 D to VHP for. The missed off 23R is climb to 1500, then climbing right turn to 3000 D to VHP for.

    I was in the flare for 23R, over the runway, and got a GPWS warning, so to be safe I went missed, thinking the examiner induced it (in the sim). I chose to do the missed off 23R since it was easier and safer, IMO.

    The AIM states to climb over the airport and accomplish the missed for the runway you were doing the approach to, not the runway you were landing, but in my case the missed was the same, and besides, the AIM is not regulatory, is it?

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