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Flight Instructor Records 61.189

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FAA Regulations, Flight Instructor

Concerning FAR 61.189

I am curious and would like to hear back ideas how to keep flight instructor records.  I am considering creating an excel sheet with the required information such as the student name's, date of the endorsement, kind of test, the date and the result, etc. I think it would be helpful to have all of this information is in one place.

I'm a new Flight Instructor and inexperienced keeping these kind of records.  Surely there is an efficient easy way to keep track.

Thank you for your suggestions and sharing how you keep your records.

§61.189   Flight instructor records.

(a) A flight instructor must sign the logbook of each person to whom that instructor has given flight training or ground training.

(b) A flight instructor must maintain a record in a logbook or a separate document that contains the following:

(1) The name of each person whose logbook or student pilot certificate that instructor has endorsed for solo flight privileges, and the date of the endorsement; and

(2) The name of each person that instructor has endorsed for a knowledge test or practical test, and the record shall also indicate the kind of test, the date, and the results.

(c) Each flight instructor must retain the records required by this section for at least 3 years.


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4 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Feb 07, 2014

    I keep the record in a Word document. Nothing fancy.

    I also keep a record of anyone that I perform a flight review for. When their two years is up, I call them and remind them they are due. Keeps repeat business going.

    I don’t bother keeping records of knowledge test signoffs because I sign off knowledge tests with my ground instructor certificate. No record keeping requirements for ground instructors.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Feb 08, 2014

    In my early paper days. I created endorsement given pages for my logbook and taped them in. Eventually I built a personal logbook application and included an endorsement given table – exactly along the lines of the Excel spreadsheet you propose.

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  3. Boiler on Feb 08, 2014

    I’ve still got room in the back of my logbook, so I write it in there. As Kris said, I also keep a record of flight reviews for the same reason. They’re a nice change up every once in a while from the typical training.

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  4. Gary Moore on Feb 08, 2014

    Some of the online logbooks have specific sections for this….I use Safelog ..it’s worth a look…

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